Best Reflection Questions

The Best Reflection Questions to Review Your Year

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Best reflection questions

What are some of the best self reflection questions to ask yourself? Between Christmas and New Year is a great time to reflect on the last year. 

With things quieting down after Christmas, it’s time to reflect on what went well over the year and what you would do differently. This is a great practice to do before you set your goals for the New Year. 

This reflection will help you with setting your goals for the year ahead, whether it is personal, health or career or business goals. 

So grab a pen and paper, set some time out of your day to really take your time with these questions and reflect on your year.

Best Self Reflection Questions 

  1. How did your life change in the last year?
  2. What were the greatest things that happened?
  3. Are you happy with how the year went?
  4. If not, what would you have liked to be different?
  5. What were the biggest lessons of the year?
  6. List 5 things that you are proud of from this year
  7. Write down your biggest achievement from the year
  8. What did you not achieve this year and why?
  9. What is the biggest thing you are proud of?
  10. Is there anything you need to forgive yourself for

Best Reflection Questions for Health

  1. Did you achieve your health goals this year?
  2. If not, why didn’t you achieve them?
  3. How often did you exercise this year? What type of exercise did you enjoy the most?
  4. How healthy was your diet?
  5. Do you feel you did enough self-care? If not, what self-care practices did you want to do more of?
  6. How was your mental health over the last year?
  7. How was your stress levels and what caused the most stress this year?
  8. What ways have you been dealing with stress?
  9. Did you have a good morning and night time routine? Write out what this looked like. 
  10. Is there anything about your health that you struggled with this year?

Reflex on Your Relationships

  1. Do you feel connected to the people you are closest to?
  2. What went well in your relationships this year? 
  3. Did any relationships break down this year, if so, why?
  4. How was your communication in your relationships and what would you like to improve? 
  5. What lessons have you learned from others? 
  6. Who inspired you the most this year? 
  7. How have your friendships been this year and what would you like to be different with them? 
  8. What have your family relationships been like this year? What would you like to be different?
  9. Are you happy with your love life? If not, why? 
  10. What are the biggest ways you have grown in relationships this year?

Now you have reflected on last year, now is a great time to write out what you want next year to look like. A great way to do this is writing out everything you want to happen in the year as if it had happened.

Imagine one year from now, everything went your way and you got everything you wanted, how does that look?

Once you have written this out, you can read it once a day to remind yourself of your goals. This will help it sink into your subconscious.

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