Why you Can’t Manifest From a Place of Fear

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You can't manifest from a place of fear

A lot of us are living our lives from a place of fear, especially the last year where everywhere you look, fear messages are being spread on the news and social media. 

We often create goals and intentions from this place of fear and lack mindset. We want things because we believe they will make us good enough or because we see other people achieving these goals. 

The problem with this is you can’t manifest from this place because we get what we focus on. If you are focusing on your doubts, fears, and how you don’t have enough or are enough, you will get more of this in your life. 

There have been many intentions I’ve set myself over the last year from this place of fear and panic. Looking back I can see how much fear I felt in my body, that sense of urgency, that I need this outcome right now in order to feel whole and complete. 

None of these intentions came true. 

Why I Couldn’t Manifest my Desires

I had a wake-up call about a month ago where I realised how much I was living in fear and scarcity and I’ve taken a deep dive into clearing this fear and living from a place of love and abundance. 

It takes a lot to learn to trust the universe and know without a drop of doubt that what you want wants you but creating intentions from this place feels amazing. 

You may even find that you start to want different things in your life and you have a sense of calm about them coming to you, no more panic and wanting it now. 

We live in a world where instant gratification is more important than putting time, effort, and love into creating your life. We can get so fixated on the outcome, that we forget to enjoy the process. 

So many of us have experienced trauma in our lives, whether it was in our childhood or later in life, which means our minds can become hypervigilant and look for danger, so it can protect us. We have evolved so much that we no longer live in a world where there is danger everywhere, so this survival instinct is no longer useful and can hold us back. 

If you find yourself feeling panicky when you think of your goals, or you think they will complete you and fix your life, it might be worth focusing on getting into a place where you feel abundant first and your intentions are simply an alignment of who you already are. 

How to Move From Fear Into Love 

I’ve tried a lot of things to help with my mindset and manifesting over the years but not much worked consistently until I healed my trauma and deep-rooted patterns. 

  • Work with a therapist to heal 
  • EMDR & EMDR Flash
  • Bilateral Stimulation 
  • Meditation 
  • Journaling 
  • Going within – trusting your intuition
  • Eliminating doubts with EFT 
  • Finding the root course of your patterns and processing them 
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • Radical Acceptance
  • Practising self-love
  • Let go of being defensive
  • Surround yourself with supportive, loving people
  • Ask yourself these questions when setting intentions, “does this light me up and fill me with joy? Is this aligned with my true purpose?” If the answers are NO, then let it go!!

It can take time to heal from trauma and even to let go of fear, so be kind and patient with yourself. It’s more about the little things you do daily, that add up to big change over time.

We have been conditioned to live in fear but this energy isn’t going to help us get where we want or help heal the world. The more we can cultivate love, the closer we get to living a life fulfilled.

Let me know in the comments how you let go of fear and step into love!

As always, I love you!!

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