why planning your day will rapidly increase your success

Why Planning Your Day Will Rapidly Increase Your Success

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Why Planning Your Day Will Rapidly Increase Your Success
Why Planning Your Day Will Rapidly Increase Your Success

When I first started working from home, I wasn’t very good at planning my day. 

In fact, I was all over the place. 

I would just sit at my laptop and try and figure out what I needed to do. This meant I was trying to do about 5 different tasks at a time! 

Not planning my day made me feel overwhelmed and really stressed out. I didn’t feel like I was making any progress!!

So I set out to change this, I wanted to feel more organised and feel like I was achieving more. 

Using The Ultimate Productivity Bundle, I found lots of time-saving tips and ways to be more productive. 

What Is The Best Way To Plan Your Day?

Increase Your Time Management Skills By Doing A Time Audit 

A great time management skill is auditing the time each task takes.

I used the time management sheets, as part of the bundle, to track all my daily tasks.

The great thing about these sheets is you not only track how much time each task takes but also how much brainpower they take.

This helps you prioritise each task and plan the task that takes more brainpower when you have quiet time, especially if you have kids.

Save Time Every Day With Time Blocking

Once you know how long each task takes, a great way to be more productive is to block out time in your day for each task. 

By blocking out your time for each task you need to do, you will be giving that task your full attention. 

Therefore helping you feel like you have achieved more in less time and reduces the stress of switching tasks. 

It also takes longer to get back into something once we have been distracted, therefore wasting even more time. 

“The average knowledge worker switches tasks every three minutes, and, once distracted, a worker can take nearly a half-hour to resume the original task,”

Gloria Mark

With so many distractions these days, it can feel like we aren’t getting anywhere when we switch between different things. 

So time blocking is a great way to stay focused, feel more productive and achieve more in less time. 

How To Plan Your Day TO BE More Productive 

A great way to be more productive that will save you time is to schedule your planning every week. Sundays are a great time to do this. 

I use the Simply Scheduled Workbook every Sunday to plan my week. Not only is it packed full of different lists, such as to-do lists, meal planning and important dates, it also has daily, weekly and monthly planners included!

Setting time aside to plan your week will help you see what you can achieve and what you need to prioritise.

Helping your day go a lot more smoothly. 

Plan Self-Care Rituals Into Your Days

It’s important to plan self-care into your days, as looking after yourself should be a priority. 

A lack of self-care can make you less productive and can also lead to burnout. 

A great way to include self-care into your day is to create a morning and evening routine. 

It is also important to plan regular breaks into your day and I like to do 5-minute meditations on my break to help reduce my stress and feel rested. 

I have noticed a huge increase in my success when I started planning my day. Not only was I more productive but I felt less stressed and overwhelmed with my never-ending to-do list!!

Using some of the great products in The Ultimate Productivity Bundle has really helped uplevel my productivity and success.

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