Why I'm Turning My Back on The Law of Attraction

Why I’m Turning My Back on The Law of Attraction

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Why I'm Turning My Back on The Law of Attraction

I first discovered The Law of Attraction the same way as most people did, when I read The Secret. Which was around 15 years ago and since then I was hooked. 

I’ve studied it and tried to make it work for me for the last 15 years. Sometimes I could manifest things so quickly and other times it just felt like I was getting the opposite of what I wanted. 

So many people have different theories and techniques and a lot of the time, getting it right felt elusive. 

This whole time I just couldn’t figure out how to be consistent. A lot of people say you have to get in the right vibration, which made no sense to me. How the hell can you know what vibration you’re in, let alone change it. 

There’s also this concept that you have to feel good to manifest, which made things worse for me. Trying to feel good all the time is unrealistic and exhausting. I used to beat myself up for this so much for just being human and having feelings.

However, a couple of months ago I discovered Kim Velez. I saw one of her Tiktok videos where she said that whatever we assume to be true will manifest. 

She was talking about The Law of Assumption. 

The way she explained it made so much sense to me. All the things in my life, good or bad, have happened because I assumed they would.

So I did a little research and found some other people talking about this (there aren’t that many!!)

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I really started to take this seriously and last week it hit me like a bolt of lightning. 

All of our dominant thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions create our reality. I manifested everything in my life with my poor self concept!

I know it sounds like the usual LOA stuff but it’s really not and once you understand that this is how we create our reality and life, you will start to really understand your power!

Here are Some of the Main Differences From The Law of Attraction:

  1. Your dominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs are creating your reality. Your feelings do NOT affect this. 
  2. The Law of Assumption (aka Neville Goddard) says that we are to live in the end. This means to have the feeling that we already have our desires. (this doesn’t mean feel good, it means have that feeling like you know it’s already done)
  3. Everyone is you pushed out. This means that everyone in your reality is treating you in relation to your dominant thoughts and assumptions. For example, if you assume that everyone leaves you, then people will leave. 
  4. Your self concept is what creates your reality, not self-love. While it’s important to love yourself, if you assume others won’t love you, you will still create that in your life. 
  5. No one else has free will in your reality, you create your reality. You can change how people treat you by changing your dominant thoughts. 
  6. You are the Operant power in your life!!  The Universe does NOT create anything in your reality, your dominant thoughts do. There are no “tests” or lessions from the Universe. It’s simply your old story and self concept playing out. 
  7. If you don’t heal your old story and change your self concept, then you will keep creating the same situations and patterns in your life. 
  8. When you start to change your thoughts by affirming new ones, your 3D can still show things from your old story. Some beliefs can change in an instant and others take some time to shift. That’s why it is so important to ignore the 3D and keep affirming what you want.
  9. You don’t have to do any special technique to manifest, you are manifesting every single second of the day. You just have to focus on changing your thoughts until they become your new beliefs. 
  10. Even if you don’t believe your affirmations, if you persist, then your 3D has to conform to them. You do NOT have to believe your new affirmations, you won’t at first, just keep saying them until you do. 

I am a Powerful Creator

It really is as simple as your thoughts create your reality. And all you need to do is figure out your dominant thoughts, think of the opposite and affirm your new thoughts until you believe them. There are techniques that you can use to help you but you don’t have to use them (I will share these with you in another post)

Of course, it is a process and our minds don’t like change, so I will be writing more on this in future blogs. 

I feel so excited to share this with you all!!

If you want to get started with The Law of Assumptions, Neville Goddard is the king. Also Dr. Joseph Murphy. 

So beautiful, get excited because you can have whatever you want!! 

You are a Queen!!

I love you 


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