Why Am I So Amazing - Affirmations With A Twist

What are Afformations – Affirmations with a Twist

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Why Am I So Amazing - Affirmations With A Twist
what are afformations?

“Why am I so amazing?”

No, I’m not asking this because I’m vain, however, asking this question has changed the way I see myself.

You could say it’s changed my life!

What are Afformations? Affirmations With A Twist

I’ve always been a big fan of affirmations, I say them every day and even though they do make an impact, it’s never been that big for me.

I discovered a variation of affirmations about 2 weeks ago, called Afformations, created by Noah St. John. You might have guessed that instead of saying an affirmation like “I am amazing”; you ask “why am I amazing?”.

So often throughout the day, we ask ourselves negative questions, such as “why doesn’t anyone care about me?” or “why am I so ugly?”. What happens is our brains start to look for evidence of why these questions are true.

However, if we flip these questions around, guess what, our brains will also start looking for reasons why they are true.

For example, if you always say “why is my life so crap?” and change it to “why is my life so awesome?”, your mind will see more of the amazing things that happen.

You will start to notice the little things that happen that make your life great. You will then start believing it more and the new question will start to feel truer.

This will just compound the belief that your life is great!

When I first read about this concept I started to notice how often I asked these negative questions every day.

Some of my examples I noticed:

  • “Why am I a bad mum?”
  • “Why am I so stupid?”
  • “Why doesn’t anyone care about me?”
  • “Why can’t I do anything right?”
  • “Why am I such a failure?”
  • “Why don’t I have many friends?”
  • “Why can’t I have a good life?”

Now, this is just a short list of the ones I noticed and it may seem that I’m a really negative person but I’m not. I’m quite positive, most of the time but these questions seem to be a habit I’ve picked up and I’ve never really thought of the impact they make on my life.

Just imagine how much negative energy you are putting on yourself by asking these questions every day. You might not even notice you are doing it, I defiantly didn’t!

When I changed my questions, they looked like this:

  • “Why am I such a good mum?”
  • “Why am I so clever?”
  • “Why do so many people care about me?”
  • “Why do I get so many things right?”
  • “Why am I so successful?”
  • “Why do I have so many supportive friends?”
  • “Why do I have such a great life?”

Doesn’t that list feel so much better?!

Not only does your brain start to look for reasons that these questions are true, the more you say them, the more you start answering them on a conscious level.

Using Afformations On Your Goals

I’ll give you an example that really blows me away.

One of my intentions recently is to make some new friends and I always tell myself that this will be difficult. The belief I have is that I’m not good at talking to new people and I’m not friendly (which actually isn’t true!).

This belief has been holding me back from taking action and putting myself in situations where I can meet new people.

So I started asking “why am I so good at talking to new people?

“Why do I find it so easy to make friends?”

“Why am I so friendly?”                                                      

The first week I starting doing Afformations I asked these questions over and over again, every day.

The amazing thing was that not only did I make 2 new friends, I also found that strangers would start talking to me and it started to feel really easy to talk to them.

Also people started smiling at me and saying hello to me in the street.

It was like this new belief was magnifying people to me!!

All these little confirmations that I was a friendly person that finds it easy to talk to new people really boosted my confidence and I had only been doing it for a week!

How amazing is that!!

So how can you use this clever tool to make your life amazing too?

  1. Write a big list of all the questions you tell yourself every day
  2. Then next to each one write the positive version
  3. If you use affirmations, try writing them down as an afformation. Eg. I am healthy turns to why am I healthy
  4. Write ones that are connected to a goal you have
  5. Write them out every day! This will boost their power!
  6. When you catch yourself asking a negative question in the day, flip it to the positive
  7. Remember to do this every day so your mind truly starts to believe how amazing you are!

So if you love using affirmations why not try mixing it up a bit and using afformations.

Have you ever used Afformations? Let me know your success stories in the comments below and ask yourself “Why am I so amazing?”

Big love

Laura xx

P.S If you love a good challenge, then download my FREE self-love journaling challenge HERE!

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  1. I used affirmations months but they re useless for me. Other people say the same. Afformations are much better for me. I m not sure if it will work for every thought but i m not depressed like before. I started asking myself 2 days ago why am I calm. Why I can have everything i want. I ll write again what happens after month.

    I read questions are used in cbt so they probably work for most people. Your blog is interesting. Have a nice day laura

    1. Post

      Thank you Marian!! I’m so glad Afformations are working for you. I think if you are consistent you can create long term changes!! Affirmations only work if you believe them, so that’s why Afformations are good when we have low self worth 😊 you’re doing a good job beautiful 🥰

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