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The Ultimate Guild to Using The Law of Assumption

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The Ultimate Guild to Using The Law of Assumption
The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting

The Law of Assumption Neville Goddard

When I started using The Law of Assumption everything changed for me. I went from feeling like my thoughts and life just happened to me, to gaining control of my thoughts and creating a life I loved. 

You see, The Law of Attraction hadn’t worked for me for so long…I’d given up on manifesting. 

I would get some good results, then the same patterns would keep playing out. I never realised that you had to persist in your new thoughts, you had to reprogram your mind. 

My thoughts were controlling me, controlling how I felt and what I was reacting to. 

I was a slave to my thoughts. 

I wasn’t in a great place when I started using The Law of Assumption, we had just gone through a pandemic and I had gone through a lot of personal stuff. 

Life just felt like it was happening to me!! 

I know I found The Law of Assumption just at the right time. When I was ready to make some serious changes. 

And that’s exactly what I did!!

What is The Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption is different from The Law of Attraction in many ways. The Law of Assumption is really how we manifest our lives. 

It’s all about our dominant thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that are creating our lives. 

Our thoughts are pushed out into the world and reflected back at us. 

You can read more about the main differences in my post below, click images to read:

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using the law of assumption

10 Top Myths About Manifesting

10 Top Myths About Manifesting

How Does The Law of Assumption Work?

Another important part of using The Law of Assumption is understanding that we have a self concept around the area we are trying to manifest. 

Our conception we have about ourselves is what’s manifesting. 

For example, you could have an amazing self concept in all areas of your life apart from money. Because you think you’re not worthy of money that will play out. 

Even if you have some general assumptions around money, e.g. money is the root of all evil, no matter how much you manifest you will sabotage it. 

This is completely different to self love. You could love yourself fully and completely but if you believe you other people aren’t good to you, that will keep manifesting. 

So loving yourself more won’t work because you have to change your beliefs around other people. 

You can read more about this in my post below, click image to read:

What is Self-Concept and Why it’s Different From Self-Love

what is self concept

You see, everyone is you pushed out!! Everyone is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. That’s why you have to change them in order to change your outside world. 

There’s no one to change but self!!

I explain this more in my post below, click image to read:

Everyone is you Pushed out Explained

everyone is you pushed out

Another thing that was a complete game changer for me was, circumstances do not matter when manifesting. 

We can get so caught up in our circumstances, we let them rule us. For example, I can’t get more money because I can’t get a raise at work. This puts us in a limited mindset and we are basically making excuses as to why we can’t manifest what we want.

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Circumstances do not Matter When Manifesting

We need to start believing we are limitless. We can literally create what we want. If someone else in the world has what you want, that means it’s possible. 

I’ve wrote a post about how you can stop putting limits on yourself, click the image to read:

Stop Putting Limits on Yourself and Manifest Your Desires Faster

 How to use The Law of Assumption

Our dominant thoughts and assumptions are creating our life, so the fastest and best way to use The Law of Assumption is to change our thoughts. 

We do this by using affirmations. Affirmations are just new thoughts, so you can start by making a list of all the thoughts you are having right now and flip them. 

By repeating these new thoughts over and over, you are changing your self concept and creating a new identity. 

You are reprogramming your mind!!

Read more about this by clicking the image below:

How to Reprogram Your Mind to Create Your Dream Life

You can find some amazing affirmations to start here

50 Affirmations to Manifest Love and Commitment

50 Affirmations to Manifest Money

40 Affirmations to Increase Self-Esteem

There are many other techniques you can use to help you manifest your desires. 

In order to step into the new version of you and create what you want, you have to let go of the old story of yourself. You have to create a new story and persist in that. 

A great way to do that is revision. When you revise your past you are literally changing your future. 

Just say you never felt chosen, all your ex’s left you and you felt insecure in love. If you revise this, you tell a new story that you have always been loved, wanted and chosen. No one has ever left you, you will start to feel totally different about yourself. 

You can not manifest a loving relationship if you don’t feel loved or chosen. 

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Journaling and scripting are an amazing way to create your future too. You can do this in many ways, journal out your old thoughts and burn them or script out how you want your life to look. 

A daily journaling practice is very powerful and I’ve found it definitely speeds things up and helps you discover what’s really going on. 

You can learn more about this by clicking the images below:

The Power of Journaling to Increase Self-Worth

5 Fun Ways to Create Your Dream Reality

using law of assumption

Using The Law of Assumption on a Daily Basis

One of the most important things to do on a daily basis is to have a good mental diet. It’s no good saying your affirmations, then going off and complaining about your situation to your friends. 

Our mental diet is simply keeping our thoughts aligned with what we want to create. 

Two opposite thoughts can’t exist, so the dominant negative thoughts will always win because they are already a strong assumption. 

Read more about this here by clicking the image below:

Why Mental Diet is Key to Manifesting

What to do if The Law of Assumption Isn’t Working

The Law of Assumption is always working!! Whether you are manifesting the good, the bad or the ugly. Because your dominant thoughts are manifesting, it just means you haven’t changed them yet!!

Refocusing your mind on what you do want takes practice and discipline. You have been living your life by worrying about things, so it may take a little time for this to become your norm. 

Remember, don’t give up!! Even if you are seeing opposite results, it doesn’t mean it’s not working….It just means you haven’t formed the new assumption yet. 

If you want to know more on what to do if it’s not working, check out my post by clicking the image below:

What to do When Manifesting Isn’t Working

Using Law of Assumption Final Thoughts

Changing your thoughts and your life takes practice, the biggest thing you can do for yourself is have a hell of a lot of self compassion and love.

We have lived our lives a certain way for a long time, and our minds like to stay in their comfort zone. So learning to reprogram your mind might not always be an easy ride.

However, it will be so worth it in the end!!

You got this queen!


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