Try This one Thing That Will Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Try This one Thing That Will Change Your Limiting Beliefs

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Try This one Thing That Will Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Have you been finding it hard to change your limiting beliefs??

Our limiting beliefs are simply the stories we tell ourselves. A lot of these come from childhood, a lot come from social norms, and some we get later in life. 

The problem is, these stories and beliefs hold us back and a lot of the time we aren’t even aware of them. 

Even when you feel like your life is going well, there may be things you are saying and doing that are still holding you back. 

Things like “I can’t do this” or “life is hard”

It can be so subtle that you might not even realise that you’re saying them. 

Our words are so powerful, our thoughts become our beliefs and reality. 

This is something I’ve put as a priority for myself and my growth because I realised how negative I have been recently. 

We all have these spiritual awakenings, where we get it, we get that our thoughts create our reality.

We finally realise how life works!! 

And this can feel exciting and powerful. But what sometimes happens is life gets in the way and slowly we forget what we learned and fall back into our old habits

I can’t count the number of times this has happened to me. 

The main thing here is to be aware that this stuff is a daily practice and just like going to the gym, if you stop going you will no longer reap the benefits. 

So working on our beliefs, manifesting our desires and our spirituality are daily practices. 

A Wake up Call

I was recently in a car accident, no one was hurt luckily but not only did it shake me up physically, but it did also spiritually too. 

It made me realise I’d lost my way, I became consumed with my hurt and everything that was going on in the world. I created a world that felt unsafe to me and reinforced it with messages on social media (social media is set up to show you more of what you are interested in and can be very dangerous if you want to know more watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix) 

So many limiting beliefs were going around my head, a lot to do with the patriarchy, and how it wasn’t safe to be a woman (there seems to be a lot about this on apps like TikTok). I was also feeling like I didn’t matter and for this reason, I couldn’t have what I wanted… limiting is that!! 

And while we have a long way to go with changing these issues, focusing on them wasn’t doing me any good. I was creating that reality for myself and it was showing up in my life too. 

So while the accident wasn’t ideal, I’m grateful it happened. Since then I have practiced everything I’ve learned over the last 15 years about manifesting and boy is it working. 

I feel good again and I feel protected!! 

I know my subconscious has my back and things that I’ve wanted to manifest are coming to fruition. 

The way people treat me has started to change too!!

How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs

This may seem too simple but it really does work. All we are going to do is become aware of our beliefs and thoughts and flip them on their head. Creating mantras that we can use every day to change our reality.

Make a Commitment  

I first made a commitment to myself. I wrote down how I was committed to changing my thoughts and beliefs. That I would show up every day and do the work to change my reality and my life. 

**Don’t miss this step. If you aren’t committed, things won’t change. Get a new notebook and write this on the first page and use that notebook for all your manifesting and belief work!! 


I then wrote down all the limiting beliefs and things I say on a daily basis. If you aren’t aware of any, just be present for the next few days and write down any that come to mind. 

Here are some of mine that showed up: 

  • I’m unlucky, I’m cursed 
  • I don’t have the time. I’m too busy 
  • People aren’t trustworthy. 
  • Everyone let’s me down
  • I don’t have enough money 
  • I feel lost 
  • Nobody cares about me 
  • I don’t matter 
  • I’m not confident enough, smart enough, pretty enough 
  • I can never be consistent 
  • Life is hard work

Flipping Your Beliefs and Creating Mantras 

This is the good part. For every belief or thought you have, flip it and create a mantra. Write down what the opposite to the thought or belief would be and whenever you catch yourself having this thought, repeat your mantra that you created. 

I’ve also picked a few out that I have been saying throughout the day, just for an extra boost and I’m writing them in my journal too. Writing them down is so powerful!! I do this in the morning and the evening.

You can be as creative as you want…..write them on sticky notes, on your mirror (saying them in the mirror is amazing too), use them as your phone background, or even stick them on your fridge. 

If you spend the next couple of weeks immersing yourself in these beliefs, I promise you will see a shift in your life!!

Make sure you say them and write them daily until they become your truth. And once you have embodied that belief, you can review and see what else is coming up for you. 

Below are my mantras I created for my limited beliefs. 

I’m unlucky, I’m cursed I am lucky. Good things happen to me.  
I don’t have the time. I’m too busy I have all the time in the world 
People aren’t trustworthyI can trust others easily when I trust myself
Everyone lets me downI am so supported and taken care of. I have so many wonderful people in my life that support me 
I don’t have enough money There is always more money. Money comes to me in abundance. I’m a money magnet 
I feel lostI am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everything that has happened has brought me here. 
Nobody cares about me Everybody cares about me and wants to protect me. 
I don’t matter I matter, I’ve always mattered. Just because bad things happened, doesn’t mean I don’t matter
I’m not confident enough, smart enough, pretty enough I am more than enough for me. I am amazing 
I can never be consistent I am consistent. I know what I want and I show up every day 
Life is hard workIt gets to be easy and it gets to be fun

And most of all, have fun with it!! 

Let me know in the comments below your favorite mantras and what limiting beliefs you’re ready to let go of!! 

Big love 

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