Stop Putting Limits on Yourself and Manifest Your Desires Faster

Manifest Your Desires Faster & Become Limitless

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Stop Putting Limits on Yourself and Manifest Your Desires Faster

Stop putting limits on yourself Queen 👑

Not only do we have conditioning from childhood, society, and from the people around us but also in the self-help and spiritual industry. You would think that because we are creating our lives that we can manifest anything we want right? 

However, there are so many coaches, experts, and “gurus” out there telling you what you can and can’t manifest. Using limiting sayings such as “what is meant for you will be yours” or “the Universe decides what’s best for you”

Like doesn’t that just feel so limiting, that something outside of you decides your fate??

The thing is, you get to decide what you want, the Universe doesn’t do anything, you are the Universe. 

The Universe does jack for you, it’s all you baby!! Your subconscious mind manifests your reality!! 

Everything is a reflection of you and your thoughts. 

The best thing you can do if you want to manifest anything you want is to start dropping all the conditions and limits that the world has placed on you.  

It doesn’t have to take any time either to change these beliefs, you can literally step into a new reality where all your past limiting beliefs have shifted. 

You also do NOT have to spend years and years to heal yourself, heal your trauma or heal your inner child. You don’t have to spend your life healing, you can decide that you are healed right now. 

The toxic thing about some of these people who tell us this is they literally keep us stuck in a cycle of trying to heal, they keep us stuck in looking for different ways to heal. But the only thing that will change your life, is when you change your thoughts, reactions, behaviors and patterns

Trust me, I went through all this, yes some of the things I did to heal my trauma helped but I got to a point where I just didn’t want to do this anymore. 

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life always looking for more lessons, events I need to heal, or blocks that were holding me back. 

It’s really as simple as what you put your attention on, you get more of. 

I spent a few years listening to a lot of different LOA coaches, relationship coaches (which btw a lot of them are so toxic and about playing games), and trauma experts. In the end, I got so tired of people telling me what to do, what I can and can’t have, and how to live my life. 

I felt so much relief when I found The Law of Assumption, finally something that made sense. And our assumptions are what create our reality, so guess what, we can make the rules. 

We can decide what we want, who we want, and how our life is. This helped me take a huge leap and leave the past in the past (also revision is a life changer)

Being able to let that go and no longer focus on all the bad that happened meant I could focus on what I want my life to look like, and I’ve created so many things that seem impossible.

So What are Some Other Limits out There

  • That you can’t manifest a specific person or how someone treats you
  • People have free will. No one has free will in your reality. Period!! (Everyone is you pushed out!)
  • That you have to trust in the divine timing. All you have to do is persist with your affirmations until it hardens into fact. 
  • You can’t heal your body and change your physical apperiance
  • You can’t say negative words when affirming. All our assumptions manifest, and your subconscious mind knows what you’re talking about!!
  • You can’t want things because that’s coming from a place of lack. Come on, do you stop wanting something when you get it?? No, you do not!! So want what you want!!
  • That life is hard. It’s only hard if you affirm it to be hard. Life can be easy. My life is so easy now I know all this. 
  • That you have to take massive action to manifest. You can manifest out of thin air, in fact, the less you do to get your manifestation, the easier it will come to you. No more messing with the 3D. (I don’t mean to never take action here, what I mean is don’t try to push or force your manifestations. If you want to have a Youtube channel, of course, you need to take action but you don’t need to hustle all the time)
  • That everything is a lesson. This is only true if you assume it is. Things happen because we have assumptions and beliefs, that’s it. The only lesson we need to learn is that our thoughts and assumptions create and that if we don’t like something, all we have to do is create something different. Think new thoughts and it will change. 
  • You have to affirm in present tense and that you have to use “I am”. You don’t need to do that, you can affirm something is going to happen too. Affirming is just new thoughts, they don’t have to be “I am” statements.
  • That you have to let go of your desire. This one is so conflicting and confusing. If you set up a business, would you just stop thinking about it?? NO! So don’t think you have to stop thinking about your desires. What you let go of is thinking you can’t have it!!
  • What happened in the past matters, and it’s what’s going to happen in the future. eg if someone hurts you, they will do it again. Circumstantces DO NOT matter!!
Stop Putting Limits on Yourself and Manifest Your Desires Faster

It’s Time to Stop Putting Limits on Yourself

There are so many other limits we put on ourselves, far too many for me to list (but I will most likely come back to this and add the important ones that I remember) 

We are fucking LIMITLESS!!

The only reason we don’t get what we want is that we have been told continuously by so many different people that we can’t have what we want. That it’s somehow bad to get what you want. 

How crazy is that? We tell our kids this too!! (well I don’t lol) 

You are here to experience what you want, it’s your god-given right to do so. 

So if anything makes you feel restricted, or like there’s a condition to your desire, DROP IT. 

You get to Make Your own Rules

Make your own manifesting rule, eg I manifest my desires in 24 hours or less. 

That’s the beauty of this, you make your own rules and assumptions. If you want to assume that every time you stub your toe you get money, then go ahead.

This is your world and you get to decide how it looks. Spend some time thinking about what your desired reality looks like and read it every day until it shows up in your reality. 

There are no limits, only the ones you put on yourself. 

Let me know in the comments some of the limits you have dropped and how that’s helped you create your dream life. 

I love you!!

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  1. Hi, I found Neville after the stupid LOA and although I’m a beginner, I’m pretty damn determined. My question suddenly, if it’s possible to ask a question: how much time did I need on a mental diet to see the changes -whatever it is- and also, the affirmations, if they become boring during the day, what can I entertain my thoughts with. And 1 more: for the sake of my goal and because it feels good, I sometimes act like an actor who has what he wants. I talk -if I am alone, I talk out loud and act out what is happening, after achieving my desire, i.e. visualizing, acting with my eyes open, awake, is so real that I can fully believe it is here and now and makes me happy… is that silly? Is my subconscious confused that I’m jumping into this? Between the end goal and the claims, though, they all refer to the event of the end goal and are real in that.

    1. Post

      Hey Sylvia, great to connect with you!! You can’t really tell how long things will take to shift, but the more consistent you are, the faster you will manifest what you want. If your affirmations start to feel boring, you can mix them up. Find different ways to say your affirmations. Do what works for you, if acting your desires out works and makes you feel good, keep doing it!! The point is to saturate your mind with your new beliefs until your mind believes them. Good luck ❤️

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