Stop Career Burnout in its Tracks with These Simple Hacks

Stop Career Burnout with These Simple Hacks

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Stop Career Burnout in its Tracks with These Simple Hacks

Career burnout is real. No matter how much you love your job or how hard you fought to get to this stage in your career, you can reach a point where you have just had enough.

You might realize you are unable to fully focus and find yourself losing steam and even feeling frustrated, angry, and sad.

One major cause of career burnout is not allowing yourself the appropriate work-life balance.

Spending time at home with your family and friends is an important part of staying mentally healthy in all areas of your life.

Alone time gives the mind and body an opportunity to recharge and renew itself.

It sounds easy, but like so many things that sound easy, it can be quite hard to carve out even a few moments a day for yourself.

Fortunately, there are several simple life hacks that can have you feeling like your old self and performing your best in no time.


Sometimes when people hear they need to exercise to solve a problem they automatically count it out, thinking there’s no way to find the time and energy to make that happen.

However, exercise can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away from the door.

Healthline explains that boosting your activity in any way is a big stress-buster!  

Instead of a pricey gym membership, check out some of the cool fitness apps and devices designed to help you work exercise into an already hectic life. Plus, a fitness tracker can be a great motivator.

The Apple Watch 4, for example, has an automatic workout detector that records all physical activity without you pushing the first button. It also counts your steps, monitors your heart rate, and even keeps your playlist handy.

You always know exactly how much activity you’re getting and how much more you need.

The Fitbit Versa is another cool wearable fitness tracker. It has a movement tracker, 24/7 heart monitor, and phone-free music.

And what’s more, it now has voice-recognition, so you simply press a button and let Alexa know you need something.


As Inc. explains, having a healthy home/work-life balance means learning to delegate some of your responsibilities both at work and at home. Reevaluate your household errands.

Is there anything that you can pass on to your partner? You do not have to do everything and you can even take turns.

For example, you can pass on the grocery shopping once a month. Paying bills online is another simple time-saver.

It’s also important to stick to your own responsibilities at work and spend less time helping others and fixing other people’s problems.

Don’t take on extra work if you can avoid it, especially if there isn’t any added pay or advantage.

Focus on your regular duties and finishing them to the best of your abilities to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.


Many people live and die by their daily planners. For those of us who are dependent on a structured schedule for the day, plugging in downtime is essential.

If it’s in the daily planner, it seems like it is something we are supposed to do, and it is easier to take time out from work and responsibilities when downtime is planned.

There are plenty of smartphone apps that can help with planning and scheduling for busy professionals, and of course, traditional planners are plentiful for those who like to have paper for scratching out their agenda.

Say No

For most people, it is extremely hard to say no. You want to do a good job at work and you need to excel in your career, so taking on more responsibility feels like the way to do it.

The same theory applies at home. For things to run smoothly, saying no usually isn’t an option.

This isn’t true, however. 

Saying no is a big part of saving your sanity. You can’t be all things to all people, nor can you do everything everyone asks of you, so make it a point to set limits and ensure you don’t overcommit yourself.

Career burnout can happen to anyone.

Even if you love your career, the human mind and body require spans of rest and relaxation to stay sharp.

Make sure you stay on top of your career by taking time out for your home and family life as well.

With a more balanced life, you can avoid costly burnout.

By George Mears

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