How to Reprogram Your Mind to Create Your Dream Life

Reprogram Your Mind to Create Your Dream Life

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How to Reprogram Your Mind to Create Your Dream Life

I’ve been into self help for a very long time but nothing changed my life as much as learning how to reprogram my mind. 

I knew about mindset work and changing your thoughts but I never really knew how to do it to make it actually stick. 

I would get good results and then go back to old patterns of thinking. 

Last year I found Neville Goddard and The Law of Assumption and everything changed. I learned that in order to change your thoughts, you had to persist in the new ones until they harden into fact. 

You have to reprogram your mind

This means saying your affirmations as much as you can throughout the day. You can’t just say them once or twice and think they will make a big difference. 

So for the last 7 months or so I’ve been doing just that. Repeating my affirmations over and over, until they become a new belief for me. 

I still have plenty of old beliefs I want to change but I’ve changed so many beliefs about myself that I never thought possible. 

I’ve changed the way I think of myself and how I think everyone else thinks of me. 

The trick is to have awareness of your thoughts and flip them. In the beginning I had so many negative thoughts that I wasn’t really aware of. Now I’ve been practising this for so long, the negative thoughts get less and less. 

However, I still have old negative thoughts that come to the surface, but now I’m grateful for them because I know I can change them.

I used to suffer with anxiety and never thought I could get to a place where I feel peace and happiness for most of the time. 

It definitely wasn’t an easy path at the start. Learning to change your thoughts on the spot proved difficult at times. However with practice it starts to become natural. 

I’m going to give you some easy steps for you to take to get started to reprogram your mind. 

How to Reprogram Your Mind

Step 1 

Become aware of your thoughts. In the beginning I would write all my negative thoughts and beliefs on my notes in my phone and flip them. 

You will find you have so many thoughts that you might not have been aware of but as you start to change them, they get less and less.

Step 2 

Think about what you want in your life. Do you want to feel safe? Or confident? Write down all the things you want in your life and create around 6 – 7 affirmations that you can loop throughout the day. 

You can have as many different affirmations as you want, we obviously don’t have only a few thoughts a day. However, having a few go to affirmations is great because you can memorise them easier. 

Then when you feel like you’re spiralling or you just have some idle time, like washing the dishes, you can loop them easier. 

Step 3 

Create your own affirmation audios. I love to do this, I have so many for different areas of my life. They are great to listen to when you are walking or on the way to work. You can also put some calming music in the background too. 

Step 4 

Study The Law of Assumption, especially Everyone is you Pushed out. This helped me so much to understand that my world was a reflection of me and all I have to do is change my thoughts. It helps you stay motivated when it feels hard to keep affirming. I have a lot of blogs going deeper into this. 

Step 5 

Understand that your mind wants to stay where it is. So it will sometimes feel like you are fighting your thoughts. Or you will be doing so good and then all of a sudden your old thoughts come flooding in. Your old self is dying off and doesn’t want to go without a fight. 

So please don’t get disheartened if you feel like you hit a wall or have a few negative days after doing so well. 

This is normal and will get easier!!

Step 6 

Trust the process.

We have had a lot of limiting beliefs since childhood, some we will be able to change instantly and some may take months. Just trust that it’s working, even if you don’t see any change in your 3d yet!! It’s still working!! Trust yourself and trust that this works.

Step 7 

Persist!! Like I said, some things we can change instantly but others take time. Just keep persisting in your new thoughts and don’t give up. You are creating new neural pathways in your brain and you will start seeing changes in your life, you just have to persist. 

You truly can create your dream life!

I hope this post helped you see the potential of your mind

You are more powerful than you know!! 

Big love

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