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Why Mental Diet is Key to Manifesting (EIYPO)

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When manifesting there is one thing that is super important to maintain and that’s a good mental diet. 

Having a good mental diet is vital if you want to become a master at manifesting. 

Before I found The Law of Assumption, I didn’t even know what a mental diet is. I soon found out that mine wasn’t so great. 

No wonder I wasn’t getting the things I wanted. 

It’s not enough to just visualise or script your desire and not keep on top of your thoughts. We have 70 thousand thoughts a day, a lot we aren’t even aware of. So making sure that your thoughts are good ones is crucial

What is a Mental Diet?

Having a good mental diet is about keeping your thoughts aligned with your desires. 

It’s no good imagining what you want and then for the rest of the day moaning about not having it. 

Let’s take money as an example. Say you want to manifest being a millionaire but most of the day you are complaining how you never have enough money.

Is that how a millionaire would think?

Well the answer is obviously no!! And these automatic thoughts you have are already an assumption, so your subconscious already believes them. That’s why you will be manifesting from a place of lack. 

You will get even more evidence that you never have enough money. 

So you could be saying all your affirmations but by not monitoring and changing your dominant thoughts nothing will change.

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How to Have a Good Mental Diet

In order to have a good mental diet you have to be aware of your thoughts. Whenever a thought comes up that’s not in alignment with what you want, you have to flip it. 

This can seem like a lot of hard work in the beginning, but the more you do this, the less negative thoughts you will have. 

See we manifest from the state that we are in, if you’re in a lack state, you will manifest more lack. 

However, when you are in an abundant state, you will manifest more abundance. 

And how do we get into an abundant state? By thinking the thoughts you would have if you already had all your desires. 

You will notice you shift in and out of states but the key is to keep changing your thoughts until they become natural to you, Then they become an assumption. 

Also, just say something happens in your 3d that is the opposite to what you want, you have to go within and change it. 

You can either use revision or simply affirm for what you want. 

Just say you got a horrible text from your SP (specific person) telling you they don’t want you. You can either affirm, “no, they are madly in love with me and want this relationship as much as I do” or you can revise the text. 

Simply write out a new text of what you wanted them to say and read it over and over until your mind believes it as true. 

Stop reacting to the 3d, this takes practice but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

You keep doing this every time something happens your 3d will eventually catch up and change. 

We do this all the time with negative shit. We will worry and think negative thoughts over and over until they manifest. Then we say “see I was right” without realising we manifested it. 

So don’t think you are crazy for doing this with positive things, this is just how we have been conditioned to think. That it’s perfectly normal to think the worst, and not the best. 

Give everything good meaning in your life. Someone hasn’t messaged you back, it’s because they are thinking of the perfect reply. Or they are just busy and will text you later. 

Instead of thinking they have ghosted you or they are angry at you. 

What to do With Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts can be so horrible and hard to deal with. I used to get them all the time but trust me, you can get rid of them. 

There are a few things you can do with intrusive thoughts.

  • If it’s thoughts from a negative past event, I’ve found the most effective thing to do is affirm “it never happened”. Often we worry about what people think of us from past events, so you can even affirm “no one remembers that. Say these affirmations until the memory has passed. I’ve found that after doing this, the memory doesn’t usually come back to me but if it does, keep doing it.
  • Have a few affirmations to have if you get intrusive thoughts. Such as, “I am safe and everyone loves me”. Most of my intrusive thoughts have been about people judging me or what people have done to me. So you could affirm things like, “everyone only thinks good things about me” or “everyone has always treated me with kindness and respect”. Because your mind wants to bring up things to confirm our beliefs, if you change these beliefs, it will no longer have the need to have these negative intrusive thoughts.
  • If you like to visualise, you could imagine hitting your thoughts with a baseball bat out of your mind. This one helped me a lot!!
  • Start affirming “I only have positive thoughts”. This helped me a lot in the beginning when I had a lot of negative thoughts. It may take a little time to become an assumption but just keep persisting.
  • Affirm the opposite. Say you keep having thoughts that no one likes you, tell your mind “no, everyone loves me, I am amazing and everyone thinks the world of me”.

* I would suggest trying each of these techniques and finding the ones that work for you. If it doesn’t make you feel good, please don’t do it. It’s about finding what works for you. Please don’t beat yourself up for having negative thoughts either, we are all human. Give yourself the kindness and grace you would give your best friend.

Metal Diet Affirmations

Mental diet affirmations

Remember, everyone is you pushed out, your world is a mirror of your inner thoughts and assumptions. You can change your thoughts, you can change your life. But it all starts with you.

There is no one to change but self.

Keep a good mental diet and you will shift into the new version of you that is so magnetic to your desires!!

You got this queen

Big love

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