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What to do When Manifesting Isn’t Working

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What to do When Manifesting Isn't Working

Does it feel like manifesting isn’t working for you? Like no matter how much you try, your manifestation isn’t coming in? 

If so this is the blog for you!!

So many times I have felt like it isn’t working for me, in fact for 15 years I tried to manifest my dream life with The Law of Attraction but I couldn’t get consistent results. 

It wasn’t until I found The Law of Assumption that things changed. There were certain things missing from what people were teaching. This made me feel like manifesting isn’t working for me. 

It was so frustrating. 

I would manifest some things and others I just found too hard. 

I would do all the techniques and then nothing would change, which just reinforced that belief that manifesting isn’t working for me.

Actually, I got to a point where I thought I was cursed!!

Like no joke. 

It felt like I was cursed and everyone else could manifest but me. 

And I don’t want you to feel this way. So I’m going to fill you in on what’s going on and how to change it to manifest what you want. I’m also going to give you some tips on ways to shift you out of the victim state and become magnetic.

*Remember, we are always manifesting, so manifesting is always working. It’s just weather you are manifesting the things you want or not.

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What to do When Manifesting Isn’t Working

Change Your Beliefs Around Manifesting

First things first, if you have a belief that manifesting doesn’t work for you, it wont!! We all have our core beliefs in life and in order to manifest what you want you have to work on these beliefs. 

When I started Law of Assumption, I soon realised that I had a core belief that “nothing works for me”

I would think this about everything. Certain programs, diets, medicine or anything I tired. I would constantly think “nothing works”. So guess what, it always felt like nothing worked….which reinforced that belief. 

I started saying “Everything works for me, I always get what I want” 

Notice if you say this doesn’t work or it’s too hard and start affirming the opposite. 

Here are some other affirmations you can say to help change your beliefs around manifesting.

Manifesting affirmations

Remember the 3d is Your old Story

There can be a lag time in the 3d. The 3d is a creation of your old thoughts and beliefs. 

Yes we can manifest instantly but this isn’t always going to happen. So don’t get disheartened when some things can take time. 

We have a lot of old limiting beliefs that we have to change before we can manifest what we want and keep it. 

I’ve manifested things instantly before or in a few days but some of the bigger things I’ve manifested have taken months, because I’ve had a lot to change. 

Imagine this, you have a glass filled with muddy water (your old negative thoughts) and you start to fill it up with clean water (your new positive thoughts). The old muddy water will start to pour over the glass when you are filling it up. It’s the same with your thoughts, the old thoughts can still be playing out in your 3d. This is called a purge.

Eventually, the muddy water will all pour out and you will be left with clean water. 

That’s why it’s so important to keep a good mental diet and affirm as much as you can. But don’t worry if you have a few off days, as long as you don’t give up with your affirmations things will start to change. 

Therefore, sometimes old thoughts have to purge out in the 3d and the trick is to ignore what’s happening and go within. 

So persist in your new thoughts!!

Get out of Victim State and into the God State 

When we are noticing that we don’t have what we want, we are in a victim state. This takes away our power and creates resistance. 

The key to manifesting is to get into the God State as much as possible. But how do you do this? 

  1. Make sure you are affirming you are the Operant power of your life
  2. Don’t react to the 3d. Whatever you see in your reality, keep affirming for what you want
  3. Remind yourself that everyone is you pushed out. That you are the creator and your world is a reflection of you
  4. Go to your end. Visualise what it would be like when you have your desire.

The more you can be in your God State, the easier you will find it to manifest. 

You will become magnetic!!

Release Negative Thoughts and Emotions

I’m still a big believer of the mind body connection and that we store emotions in our bodies. Yes, you can just affirm but if you have things to release this can speed things up. 

How to release these thoughts and emotions?

  1. Use EFT to clear negative emotions. I love to use the faster EFT tapping technique now because I don’t like to say negative things when I tap now. 
  2. Practice yoga. This is a great way to release stagnant energy from your body and help quieten your mind. 
  3. Meditate daily. You can use a guided meditation or just quieten your mind for a few minutes a day. 
  4. Use breathwork to help clear your mind. 
  5. I also use a Shakti mat, lying on this mat for 15 minutes always quietens my mind and also helps me sleep

Go General

If you feel like you are spiralling with your manifestation, I always say, go general. 

If it’s too hard to think about your specific desire, then affirm for general self concept. Like “everything always works out for me” or “my life is already perfect” 

You can even use the “isn’t it wonderful” technique, where you simply affirm “isn’t it wonderful” This helps a lot because it is kind of like gratitude. It creates a feeling that your desire is already here and isn’t it wonderful that it is. 

Here are some other general affirmations you can use.

General affirmations

Start Creating, not Controlling

And lastly, get into creation mode, instead of controlling. We aren’t trying to control whats happening in the 3d anyway, because it’s old shit playing out. Instead, we are creating our future by focusing on what we want. 

Get creative, script what your life would be like, who you would be when you have your desire or visualise already having it. 

There are loads of amazing techniques to help you create your dream life. 

  1. Write out your intentions every day 
  2. Imagine telling your best friend that you just got your manifestation 
  3. Write thank you letters to yourself for achieving your goals
  4. Create a vision board of all the things you want to manifest 
  5. Use “what if” affirmations. What if I do get my manifestation tomorrow, what if I do get my dream job. This helps reduce resistance. 
  6. Use SATS (state akin to sleep). When you are drifting off to sleep and you are in that dreamy state, affirm or visualise what you want. 

And remember queens, this is your world, this world is for you. So step into your god state and create your dream life. 

Lots of love

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