3 Simple & Effective Techniques to Manifest What you Want

Manifest What you Want with these 3 Simple & Effective Techniques

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3 Simple & Effective Techniques to Manifest What you Want

The idea that you can manifest what you want into your life seems too good to be true. But most of the time it can feel overwhelming and there is so much information out there, it can be hard to know where to start. 

While you have to remember that manifesting isn’t just about sitting around, waiting for your dreams to come true, knowing what those dreams are is the start. Take inspired action, always…you can not manifest without ACTION

Trust that the Universe will guide you to know what action to take to manifest what you want. 

However, the most important part of the puzzle is your belief in your desires and knowing that they are already yours. 

I’m sharing 3 amazing manifesting techniques that will help you get really really clear on your desires and help solidify your belief system….so you are no longer hoping, you know that you will get what you want.

1. Scripting to Manifest What you Want

Scripting is an amazing way to really feel your desires. This is something I’ve just started doing recently and I love it. 

This is an easy and fun exercise to do, you simply write about what you want to manifest as if it has already happened now.

Here are Some tips for Scripting:

Write it in present tense

Make sure you write down your desires as if they have already come true. Really imagine that everything you want has already happened. 

Writing it as a Diary Entry

I find it easier to do my scripting as a diary entry. You can write it like you would write your diary when you were a kid. Write it from a year from now, and make sure you put the date on the top, with next year’s date. 


Write as many details as you can. Be really specific as to what your dream day would look like. Who would you be with, what will you be doing, what things would be happening if you had everything you ever wanted!!


Write about how you feel. Just like you would if you were writing your diary as a teenager. If you are with your dream guy, how does he make you feel? If you have just landed your dream job, how does it make you feel? And while you are writing, really feel these emotions. Make it feel real like this stuff has happened and you are writing a real diary entry. 

It might take practice but just keep going and really imagine this stuff is true!! 

Be Grateful and Believe 

Add gratitude to your scripting!! We get more of what we are grateful for, so don’t miss this step. 

Also, you have to believe and trust that your desires will come true. Trust the Universe has your back and trust yourself that you deserve what you want!! You are worthy

2. The 369 Method to Manifest Your Dreams

This is a really simple manifesting technique but takes a bit of commitment, as you do it for 21 days. 

First, you think of what you want to manifest and write it in a statement/affirmation as follows:

I am so happy and grateful – and then write your desire. Here is an example for manifesting a relationship. 

I am so happy and grateful now that I have a healthy relationship with my soulmate 

Then you are going to write this out 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening, for 21 days!! 

It’s that simple!! 

As with scripting, really feel that gratitude and belief when you are writing out your desires. 

*A little warning, writing this much can be hard if you’re not used to handwriting a lot lol but you do get used to it!!

This exercise might seem simple but it helps change your beliefs at a subconscious level.

3. 5×55 Method

The 55×5 method is similar to the 369. So just as before, you chose an affirmation for your desire, such as 

I am so happy and grateful I make £10k a month 

Try to make this one short but specific, as you will be writing it a lot!! 

So for the next 5 days, write out your affirmation 55 times! 

Yep, 55 TIMES!! 

A Day!!

This is going to help you reprogram your subconscious mind to believe you already have your desires. 

Like every one of these manifesting techniques, you have to be present and believe what you’re writing.

And when you are done, let it go!! 

Trust that you will get what you want and you don’t need to think or worry about how you will get it (which is completely different from taking inspired action!) 

Trust the Universe will guide you to whatever you need to know or do to manifest what you want. 

And remember…..BELIEVE!!

Bonus: Books to Manifest What you Want

Wanna dive deeper? Below are my favorite books on manifesting….enjoy 🥰

So let me know in the comments what your favorite manifesting techniques are and what you have manifested into your life recently! 

Big love

3 Simple & Effective Techniques to Manifest What you Want

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