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50 Affirmations to Manifest Love and Commitment

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The next topic on my affirmation series is to manifest love and commitment.

For a lot of people love doesn’t come easy. Our beliefs around love formed when we were children. And if you didn’t have the best childhood, love can feel hard. 

Changing your thoughts and beliefs around love and commitment is the fastest way to bring in the love that you want.

How to Manifest Love

You need to change your identity and self concept around love. 

If you don’t feel lovable or deserving of love, no matter how much someone loves you, you won’t be able to receive that love. 

Practising self love is also important when manifesting love and commitment. The outer world is a reflection of your inner world. 

So how you treat yourself and show up for yourself will be reflected back to you. I believe practising self love everyday is needed. You have to give yourself the love you need first. So many of us look outside of ourselves for validation, love and for our needs to be met. 

However this doesn’t work!!

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You can’t get something from outside of yourself. You have to love and accept yourself fully, in order for others to be able to love you too. Otherwise you will just push that love away and self sabotage.

A great way to do this is by changing the way you talk to yourself. By using affirmations for love and commitment, you lay the foundation to bring that amazing love into your life. 

You have to embody the person that is loved for who they are!! 

Pick the affirmations that feel good to you, that hit the spot and say them daily. 

Just to add, sometimes the affirmations you need to say the most are the ones where you feel resistance. That’s because they are the ones that go against your old self concept. So they are the ones you need to work on and if you keep saying them the resistance will go. 

Affirmations for Manifest Love and Commitment

  1. I am loved and loveable
  2. The people in my love love and support me 
  3. I am worthy and deserving of love 
  4. I open myself fully to give and receive love
  5. I am so easy to love 
  6. It’s so easy to fall in love with me 
  7. Everybody loves and respects me 
  8. I am worthy and deserving of being respected, cherished and adored
  9. I love everything about myself 
  10. I love and accept myself fully. I love all parts of myself 
  11. I am able to connect to people on a deep level
  12. I feel so safe and secure in love 
  13. I make everyone feel so good and secure around me 
  14. I matter to everyone in my life 
  15. I am that woman that can bring in and sustain healthy relationships 
  16. All my relationships are happy and healthy
  17. I am in the most beautiful loving, caring, romantic and secure relationship ever
  18. I am always a priority 
  19. I am a magnet for commitment, love and success
  20. The love I give out comes back to me tenfold 
  21. I’m deeply connected to myself, to others and to all of life 
  22. It’s safe for me to love and to be loved 
  23. I am magnetic and magical
  24. I am always committed to 
  25. It’s so easy for me to bring in a loving and committed relationship
  26. I always manifest relationships where people are reliable and show up for me 
  27. I don’t have to do anything to be loved, I am already loved
  28. I have always been marriage material 
  29. I am always chosen by the one that I love 
  30. I’m so happy and grateful I’m in a loving, happy committed, safe relationship 
  31. Love feels peaceful, kind, easy, soft and tender 
  32. Love feels safe. Its safe for me to love 
  33. I am the whole package 
  34. I am valued and valuable 
  35. I am chosen because I’m so special
  36. I am wanted by all of life, especially by my partner 
  37. The people I love always stay because I’m so special to them 
  38. There is something so magical about me that my partner doesn’t feel with anyone else 
  39. I’ve always been so lucky in love 
  40. I am worthy and deserving of an easy, feel good love 
  41. I always manifest men/women that are fully healed, show up for me and are consistent and reliable
  42. I feel confident and secure knowing I can have anyone I want 
  43. I am worthy and deserving of being chased and pursued by the one I love 
  44. My relationships are peaceful and harmonious 
  45. I have an open heart and it’s safe for me to be vulnerable 
  46. I love this relationship I’m in, I love that our connection gets stronger and stronger everyday 
  47. I love how I’m always spoiled and prioritised in my relationships
  48. I am always seen and heard in my relationships
  49. I’m the most irresistible, unforgettable and unique women in my reality 
  50. I am the most highly desirable women in my reality for my partner

I hope these affirmations help you feel more loved and worthy. 

Because you are worthy and deserving of love, especially your own love!! 

Big love 

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