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Can you Manifest a Specific Person?

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Can you Manifest a Specific Person

You might think that you can’t manifest a relationship with a specific person because they have free will but it’s not true. 

No one can have free will in your consciousness, only you.

We are doing this all the time. We create stories about what others think about us and it’s no surprise that people align with your thoughts. 

You may think that you are just a good judge of character or you have good intuition. However, you are actually creating your reality and how people treat you.

Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.

Neville Goddard

Everyone is you Pushed out

Everyone is you pushed out (EIYPO), everyone is playing the role you have given them. If you have beliefs about how people will treat you, this will play out in your reality. 

You are manifesting all the time, you aren’t taking away anyone’s free will because only you can create your reality.

Everything you manifest involves people, you manifest money, well someone has to pay you that money. You manifest a job, someone has to give you that job. 

It’s no different if you are manifesting a new relationship, an ex-partner back, or even new friends. If you change your beliefs around love and how someone sees you, this will reflect back to you. 

The same happens when you get into a new relationship and all your fears and limiting beliefs start showing up. If you don’t deal with them and change them, your partner (specific person) will start to change. 

That’s why people manifest the same relationship patterns, same behaviors, or outcomes in their relationships. 

Therefore if you believe your SP doesn’t want to be with you anymore, they have to conform to that. You can either change your beliefs about them or find someone new and the same thing will happen again (unless you change your self-concept around love)

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Changing Your State and the Story About Your SP

As you become more aware of the states you are in, you will notice how this affects your world. 

When you’re in a good state you will notice how everyone around you is happier, treats you better, and compliments you more. This is because they are reflecting your inner world. Then when you are in a bad state, feeling down, people reflect that too. You might find you notice that people aren’t there for you, or everyone seems rude. However, they are simply a reflection of your internal state. 

Your state is important when manifesting as each state carries its own self-concept, beliefs, and assumptions.

You can use affirmations to get into your desired state of consciousness. When you embody the state of the wish fulfilled, it is so much easier to manifest what you want.

So all you need to do to manifest an SP is that you need to tell a new story. You need to work on your self-concept around love and relationships. Also, change your beliefs about your SP and how they feel about you.

You need to tell a different story. 

If the story you are telling is “they don’t love me anymore, they don’t want me, I’m not good enough” then that will be created in your reality.

When you change the story you are telling yourself, your 3d will change too. 

Affirmations to Manifest a Relationship Specific Person

Manifest a specific person affirmations

Remember queens, you can have anything you want, including anyone you want to be with!!

Big love

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