Revise your past to change your future

How to Revise Your Past to Change Your Future

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How to Revise your past to change your future

How to Revise Your past to change your future

The assumptions we have about ourselves and our past are what’s forming our present reality.

We tend to repeat patterns in our lives because we never stop to change the story about ourselves and our self-concept. 

That’s why people who have huge shits in their lives end up going back to their old ways, such as lottery winners losing their money a few years after winning

Because they didn’t change their story around money. 

So how do you do this, how do you change your story??

By revising your past to create a different future.

When you revise your past everything will change in your reality, including how people see you and the things they remember. This world is just you pushed out, remember, so if you see things differently, so will everyone else. 

How to Revise Your Past 

Revising Events

There are a few ways you can revise your past. If there is a certain event that is triggering you or affecting your manifestation you can revise that event. 

To do this you just need to change what happened in your head, do not think about what happened too much. You can write it down and just give it a title for the event. Just say something happened in your childhood that made you insecure, rewrite it to something you would have wanted to happen. 

An example is if you were bullied or left out as a child, say you didn’t get invited to a party. You can rewrite it that you were the first person to be invited and everyone was so happy that you were there. Imagine what the party would have been like. 

Then loop this new story until it becomes a memory. You might need to read it a few times a day, for a week or so for your memory to change. Trust me it will be so worth it. 

And once you feel like the new memory has solidified, your beliefs will change around this. You will feel so much more secure. 

Revising with Affirmations 

Another way you can revise your past is by using affirmations. All you need to do is add words like “always” or “never”

Just say you haven’t had the best relationships, you can affirm “all my relationships have been perfect” 

Other examples are 

Revise your past to change your future

If you don’t want to go back to your memories but sometimes they pop into your head, you can affirm “that never happened” or “no one remembers that”

The more you practice that, the less these memories will come back into your mind. 

This way is helpful if you have had a lot of unfavorable things happen to you.

Revising on the Spot 

As well as revising the past, you can revise on the spot. Say someone says something you don’t like, all you have to do is go into your mind and imagine what you want them to say to you. 

We get more of what we focus on and our minds can not tell the difference between what’s real and our imagination. Therefore by doing this you are putting your attention on what you do want, and the more you do that, the more it will show up in your reality. 

The whole point of manifesting is to go within, and create. You are the creator and the whole world is a reflection of your thoughts. Therefore it is a great habit to create by going within and changing things to what you want. 

The 3D will catch up and you will soon find you have less and less to revise. You are a conscious creator and you need to believe in your power and not give the 3D control over you and your thoughts. 

Don’t let anything shake you, go within and create what you want. 

Revising Your day 

Neville Goddard suggests revising your day every evening as if you were in the wish fulfilled. Which is a lovely way to end your day. 

All you have to do is imagine what your life would look like if you had your desire. Say you want to manifest being rich, what would you do in your life if you were. Create a scene every day of what your life would look like. 

Or if something didn’t go how you want, you can revise the day to go in your favor. Just say you didn’t get the job you want, you can imagine you did. By doing this you are creating the life you want and everyone will have to move for you to get your desires. 

We are limitless beings and anything is possible. You can change anything you want in your life and revision is a powerful tool to do that. 

You will change your perception of yourself and others by doing this.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried revision and how it’s changed your life.

Happy manifesting

I love you!!

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