how to overcome shiny object syndrome

How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

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How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome to Help Your Healing Process

One of the biggest things that slowed down my progress in my healing journey was having shiny object syndrome.

You know that thing where you keep buying something new, a new book or course, in the hope of finding the thing that will fix you.

But here’s the thing, buying something and never implementing anything will never work. You have to take action and you have to be consistent. 

Don’t feel bad though, I did this for about 13 years!! 

No wonder I didn’t make any progress in my healing or personal development. 

However, something changed in me last year and I started to be more focused and consistent.

With the help of a very beautiful friend of mine, I was inspired to focus on the things I could change with all the knowledge I had learned. Instead of going for the next shiny object. 

This was huge for me!! 

I could not even tell you how many courses, books, audiobooks and other things I have bought in the hope that somehow by buying the thing, it will magically change me. 

I bet you’re not surprised to hear I was never magically transformed when I handed over the money haha

Last year I made more change than I have in my whole life and it blew me away. And all I had to do was to focus on implementing what I had learned until it became me before moving onto the next thing. 

In fact, I spent at least 3 months focusing on what I learned from ONE self-help book.

If you know me then you know how much of an achievement that is for me. 

But it’s the thing that changed my life and speeded up my recovery. Of course, it will only help if the information is good but there are so many great self-help books out there and I bet you’re sitting on a goldmine!!

After I saw how much of I difference it made in my life, I made a promise I would see what books etc I have before I buy something new. 

You know what though, I still get tempted, especially with freebies! But It’s an old habit I’m breaking and the temptation to get sucked in by some amazing copy may always be with me. 

However, I’m mindful of this.

Just like any other addiction, I have to manage it and keep it under control, otherwise, I will get distracted. 

I know this habit is detrimental to my mental health also. When you are constantly looking for the answer outside of yourself, instead of implementing the knowledge you have learned (like the people who don’t practice what they preach, yep I was one of them) it can make you a little manic. 

Constantly searching for the answer but never taking the advice, is enough to send anyone crazy.

Nothing will work if you don’t implement it. 

“Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life.” 

David DeNotaris

You just feel frustrated and create the limiting belief that nothing works for me.

Which just adds more crappy energy to your life!! 

How I got Over Shiny Object Syndrome

Support was a huge thing for me. Talking to others who had been through a similar process and changed, really helped. When you see that someone has made changes by being consistent it is a huge motivation. 

After I realised that this habit was holding me back, I made a promise to keep it up. So I did the following exercise to keep me on track. 

My Focus Process 

  1. Firstly I wrote down all the course, books, audiobooks, meditations, audios and other training on a big list. I was surprised at how many amazing resources I had!!  
  2. Next, pick a few things from your list that you want to focus on. At the moment I’m doing a money course (that I’ve had for 7 years!!!) and listening to one audiobook. And that’s it!! I won’t move onto something new until I’m satisfied with the changes and results I’m getting!!
  3. Write down all the things to implement.
  4. Review your list at the end of the month. If you feel like you need more time to implement things, then stick to it until you feel satisfied you have made progress. 
  5. I’ve also written an exemption list. This is a shortlist of the courses I want to buy but they only come out say once a year. These are the only things I’m allowed to buy!
  6. Don’t buy anything new that’s not on your exemption list!! If you are tempted to buy something, go back to your big list and see if you have anything similar on there. If not and you still want to buy it, wait until you have a free month. Of course, there will be live courses you might want to do but before buying ask yourself this “am I looking for a distraction or do I really need this”

Remember, change takes time. It isn’t just about reading a book and bam you’re a changed woman. 

It takes time, focus and discipline…..and yes it can be hard to create change!!

But by being focused and consistent you are giving yourself the best chance. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever sufferer from shiny object syndrome and if you have any tips on how you handle this!! 

You got this goddess!!

Big love 

how to overcome shiny object syndrome
overcome shiny object syndrome
How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome to Help Your Healing Process
How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome to Help Your Healing Process

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