How to Make Manifesting Easy and Fun

How to Make Manifesting Easy and Fun

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How to Make Manifesting Easy and fun

How to Make Manifesting Easy and Fun

Manifesting should NOT feel hard, frustrating, or difficult. If you are feeling this way when you are manifesting, you aren’t living your truth. What feels good is your truth, so you are most likely focusing on what’s happening right now in your reality, or thinking “why hasn’t it shown up yet”

But manifesting should feel easy, you are manifesting every second of the day, it’s natural to you but now you are consciously doing it, you are becoming more aware and you may be going through a transition period. 

You don’t have to go through a transition period or have a purge to manifest, manifestation is instant, however, if you have thought a certain way for a long time, it may take some practice to change that. 

So how do we Make Manifesting Easy??

Assume That Manifesting is Easy 

Manifesting is our assumptions and beliefs anyway, so let’s start by assuming this is easy. Really become aware of your thinking, do you often say “this isn’t working for me” or This is too hard, I never get what I want”

Let go of the struggle of life, stop saying things are hard, that you are struggling or hard done by. You will just get more of this, trust me I know!!

Every morning affirm:

I am the operant power of my life, it is so easy for me to create the life I want because I am a master at manifesting. 

You already know how to manifest, you have infinite wisdom inside of you, but you need to tap into this and trust it is all working out for you. 

Whenever you catch yourself throughout the day saying that it’s hard, or questioning why it isn’t here, affirm it is easy, affirm it’s already done!!

You just have to get out of your own way!!

Focus on What you Want 

Like I said before, we get more of what we focus on. So focus on how easy and inflow your life is. Keep a good mental diet throughout the day (only think thoughts you would want to manifest) 

Script a new story of your life, you can do this for each area of your life and read it throughout the day. 

Have a few self-concept affirmations that you can loop during the day, to keep you focused. It will become second nature eventually. 

Remember, affirmations are just new thoughts. So you are thinking from a place where you already have your desires or you know they are coming, then the world conforms. It’s not the other way around. 

You don’t look for the without to change so you can change within. 

We have never been taught to do this so it may feel odd at first, you may feel delusional because you don’t have what you are affirming for. But isn’t it delusional to think all these negative thoughts, to worry about things that have never happened? 

It’s the same thing but you are choosing to saturate your mind with positive, loving thoughts and things that you want in your life. 

So keep persisting until it hardens into fact and when your mind wanders to the negative, ask yourself this: 

“What do I want to manifest, are these thoughts helping me get what I want”


It gets easier and easier to refocus and reprogram my mind every day 

It gets easier and easier for me to trust in the unseen 

My beliefs are shifting and I’m seeing evidence that EIYPO and that I’m the creator of my reality.

How to make Manifesting easy and fun

Take Care of Yourself 

You do not have to feel good to manifest because we are manifesting all the time but feeling good will make your life feel so much easier. 

The reason why so many people say you have to feel good to manifest is that that’s how you would feel if you got your manifestation. So they think you are “aligning” to your manifestations. 

Well, this isn’t true, only your thoughts manifest and your thoughts create your feelings anyway. 

But feeling good feels good. That’s why we want our desires in the first place, to feel fulfilled and good. 

So doing self-care is so important because it will help you stay in a good feeling place, where everything feels so much easier than when you are feeling frustrated. 

Do things to take care of yourself, such as yoga or meditation. We live in a fast-paced world that makes us feel like we have to be in a rush but that creates scarcity and anxiety. 

Slow down to speed up. 

If you had all your desires, what would your life look like, what would you do more of? For me, I would do more reading, writing, and fun things. Think of what you would do and add more of that into your life, to feel happy and fulfilled.


I’m already living my desires right now

I am safe and secure 

I feel happy and fulfilled 

Make it it fun 

Life is meant to be fun, and so is manifesting. 

There are many different ways you can make this fun, such as testing that everyone is you pushed out by imagining others saying things they wouldn’t normally say. You can manifest free drinks and gifts. 

You can sing your affirmations or listen to manifesting songs too. Anything that makes it feel fun!!!!

You can literally affirm for anything you want, so get creative with how you want your life to be. If you want everyone in your life to be happy and fun, then affirm that. If you want to be a millionaire, affirm that, if you want to go on free holidays or win the lottery, you guessed it, affirm for that!! 

Create Intentions 

Something I’ve been doing a lot more recently is setting intentions throughout the day. If you find you have resistance with affirming, then you can use intentions instead. 

Some of the intentions I am using at the minute:

I intend that my life is easy and inflow 

I intend that my health gets better and better every day 

I intend that my reality is filled with happiness, joy, and love 

I intend that my income is increasing every day 

I intend that I get what I want 

I intend that I am the women that has it all 

Every night I intend that I wake up in the reality of my highest good, my deepest desire, and ultimate fulfillment 

Creating intentions for what you want to manifest makes it feel lighter and easier. Play around with this and create some intentions of your own. You can even intend how you want your day to go, for example, if you’re going to a meeting you can intend it goes well and you are able to speak confidently in front of everyone. 

Do this throughout the day and make it a habit because these intentions will start to come true. 

Let me know in the comments if this has helped ✌🏼

I love you

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