how to find self-worth in difficult times

How to Find Self-Worth in Difficult Times

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When we go through hard times it can be so easy to blame ourselves for them and get down. I’ve been through a lot (as have a lot of people I know) and I used to let this define me. Until I learned how to find my self-worth in the most difficult times of my life.

I would think I was unworthy because of the cards I was dealt with. 

It wasn’t until recently that I realised this simply wasn’t true. 

So now when I’m going through something hard or difficult, I know it doesn’t mean I am less than.

I can be kinder to myself, give myself more love and know I will be OK. 

We all go through difficult times, there will be so many people out there going through something similar to you, it doesn’t make you worthless.

Saying that it can be so hard when you are in the think of it all. I know when things get hard I need to step up my self-care game and pay more attention to my mental health. 

Because it can be so easy to slip into my old habit of thinking that the word was out to get me, that I was being punished for something. 

I can’t let myself think thoughts like that again because I know they aren’t true!!

Now I have a hell of a lot of self-worth. I know it’s ok for me to feel sad about things, to be hurt but I won’t let that change how I feel about myself. 

There are things I do when I’m going through a difficult time and self-care is a big one. 

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Apart from self-care, there are many things I do to make sure I don’t let what’s happening to me define my worth.

How to Find Self-Worth When Things Get Tough

Know This Isn’t Personal

Firstly, know it isn’t personal. I used to think the universe was against me and I was the only one that had such bad luck.

I now see that everyone goes through difficult times. Now, instead of having a pity party, I work towards forgiveness and growth.

I no longer want to play the victim, I spent my whole life in that place and it sucked. I know if I want to live a happy life, I have to chose to be happy. 

Playing the victim serves no one. Yes, honour how you feel and acknowledge what has happened to you but don’t use it to make yourself feel worse. Don’t tell yourself you deserve and don’t let it determine who you are. 

Yes, it sucks when bad things happen to good people but you can choose how it affects your daily life.

Believe Things Will Get Better 

Know this is temporary, it won’t last forever!! My favourite saying at the moment is, have faith over fear!

How to Find Self-Worth in Difficult Times

Have faith that things will get better, breath and relax knowing that your life will improve. The more relaxed you are, the better your life will be. 

There are so many tools to deal with stress but the best one of all is your breath. You always have your breath. So when you find it starts to feel overwhelming, put your hand on your heart and take some deep breaths. 

Tell yourself you will be OK, that this storm will pass. You WILL come out the other side, stronger. 

Have faith that you are capable of getting through this and you are stronger than you think. 

Believe in yourself and trust that the Universe has your back (even if it doesn’t feel true right now) 

You will be OK and things will get better. (You got this babes😘)

Live in the Moment

The more you live in the moment, the less you overthink, worry and stress out. Mindfulness is truly living your life, being present and honouring your time. 

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself and the situation, bring yourself back to the present moment. 

Enjoy what you have and the joy that surrounds you. 

This does take practice to live in the moment but it’s so worth it. It helps your mental health and makes you feel good. 

It helps reduce anxiety and worrying about the future. So when you find you are feeling stressed out about what’s going on ask yourself “am I living in the present?”

If the answer is no, then make living in the present your focus.

Find Self-Worth by Setting Regular Intentions 

When things feel hard it is easy to feel lost and out of control. That’s exactly the reason to set regular intentions and work towards them. Even if they are small ones. 

This will help you feel focused on yourself, give you some purpose and help you feel like you are achieving. 

Remember to celebrate those little achievements throughout the day and recognise that you did that. 

You made that happen!!

When you make regular intentions and achieve them, it will help you see how capable you are. It’s a great way to find self-worth when you are going though a rough time!!

What you focus on grows. So if you focus on everything you achieve, you will achieve more!

Just Keep Breathing

Like Ariana says:


No matter how hard life gets, just know you can and will get through it, as long as you keep breathing!

And of course, if things get too tough please do seek help from a professinal. You don’t have to do this alone!!

Sending love 😘

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How to Find Self-Worth in Difficult Times

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