how to create a vision for your dream life

How to Create a Vision for Your Dream Life

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how to create a vision for your dream life

Are you feeling lost and don’t feel like you have a clear vision for your life?

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions and not living the life you want?

If so, it might be time to learn how to create a vision for your dream life!

In this post, I’m going to share with you some great exercises that will help you create a vision of your dream life!

I’ve also created a FREE printable, with all the exercises included, which you can download HERE!

Are You Living Your Dream Life?

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your life right now, it can be hard to believe that anything can change. Especially if you are feeling stuck in more than one area!

If you don’t know what your ideal life looks like, then you will never be able to get there. You will be left feeling like life has control over you, instead of you having control of your life. 

Knowing what your vision for your future is the first step to living it!! 

Even if you have created a vision for your life before, it’s always a good idea to go revisit it. 

Life is always changing and how you want to live your life will change too!!

Now is the time to lead your ideal life

Phil Cousineau

Change starts with a vision and once we know what our vision is, we can start working towards making it real!

How Would You Want Your Ideal Life To Be

The best way to know what your ideal life looks like is to look at where you are now. 

Awareness is the first step to creating the dream life you have always wanted.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Harriet Tubman

When assessing where you are right now, it’s a good idea to look at each area of your life separately. 

The main life areas are:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Career 
  3. Finance 
  4. Family 
  5. Friends 
  6. Fun / Recreation 
  7. Personal Development 
  8. Spiritual 

You can give each one of these areas a score and write a little bit about where you are in this area. A great visual tool for this it using the Wheel Of Life.

What Is The Wheel Of Life And What Does IT Do

The wheel of life is a great tool to visually see what areas of your life need attention. I can also help you see how balanced your life is. 

This gives you an idea of what area of your life you need to focus on, while also giving you an overall picture of your life. 

How To Fill In The Wheel Of Life

You can download my FREE Create A Vision For Your Dream Life HERE, which includes a blank wheel of life template for you to use. 

wheel of life

Steps To Use

  1. Think about where you are in each area of your life right now. Then score each area of your life between 0-10. This represents how you feel about each life area. 0 being terrible and 10 being amazing. 
  2. Mark each score on the wheel 
  3. Join the marks up to get a clearer vision of how balanced your life is
  4. On the next page make some notes on what you want that area of your life to look like.  

Once you have filled in your wheel of life, you can see what areas of your life need the most attention.

You can then start to think of some goals that will bring you closer to where you want to be in each area. 

How To Create A Vision For Your Dream Life

How To Create A Vision Of Your Ideal Day 

Another great way to create a vision for your future is to map out your ideal day. The good thing about this is you can look at your ideal day and see what parts you can implement NOW! 

For example, if you put that you want to do Yoga every day or have a healthy smoothie, these are things you can start doing now to get closer to your ideal day. 

The best way to do this is to THINK BIG!! 

What would your day look like if you had all the money in the world, you had your dream career or business and you had achieved all your biggest goals?

What would your morning routine look like?

Where would you live and who would you live with?

Who would you spend your time with?

What foods and drinks would you eat?

How will you feel?

Make it juicy!!

You want it to light you up and feel excited about this ideal life!

How To Write Your Ideal Day

  1. Write your ideal day in great detail 
  2. Start with how you want to wake up in the morning. What would your morning routine look like?
  3. Move through the day and write in detail how you want your day to look like. 
  4. Once you have written in detail what your day looks like, read it every day (for at least 30 days). This will help you activate the Law Of Attraction and help you step into this Dream Life.  
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Your Ideal Self

A technique that can help you with creating a life vision is to think about what your ideal self looks like. 

This technique is based on the philosophy of Personal Construct Psychology (George Kelly, 1955).

The way I like to do this is to draw a picture of where I am now and all my characteristics and then on another sheet, where I want to be. 

Drawing Your Ideal Self

  1. Grab 2 sheets of paper for this exercise (or use my free download HERE)
  2. On the first sheet, draw a picture of your current self. 
  3. Then fill the area around your current self with how you are feeling now, your emotions and thoughts. Be really honest here!!
  4. On the next sheet, draw a picture of what you want your future self to look like, your ideal self.
  5. Then fill the area around your future self with all the things you want to be. Include how you want to feel, think and what values you want to have. 

This is an awesome technique to do every year, so you can look back and see how much you have grown!!

Be Do Have 

The Be Do and Have exercise is a powerful way to set goals. 

Most of the time we think about what we want to have and then what we need to do to achieve that. 

With this technique, we are thinking about who we need to be to achieve our goals, instead of just what we need to do. 

So ask yourself “who do I need to be to live my dream life?”

How To Do The Be Do Have Exercise 

  1. On a sheet of paper, separate it into 3 sections with the headings Be Do and Have
  2. Under each heading, write down who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have. 
How To Create A Vision For Your Dream Life

Creating A Vision Board 

If you are a visual person like me, having a vision board is a powerful way to remind yourself of what your dream life looks like. 

Now you have a clear vision of what your dream life looks like, it’s time to get creative. 

What Is A Vision Board And How Does It Work?

A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent your dream life. The idea behind a vision board is to remind you every day of your dream life.

This helps you focus on what you want and inspire you every day to take action on your dreams.

How To Create A Vision Board

There are many ways to create a vision board. You can do it the old school way, on a big piece of paper or you can create one on your computer. 

Creating A Physical Vision Board

  1. Get a big piece of paper, such as a piece of poster board. 
  2. Grab some magazines, that have plenty of inspiring pictures and words in them.
  3. Go through the magazines and cut out anything that inspires you or represents your dreams.
  4. Arrange them on your paper and stick them on when you are happy with the way they look.
  5. Put your vision board somewhere you can see it every day.

Creating A Digital Vision Board

  1. Look at your goals and search for pictures that represent them. 
  2. Download the images to your computer 
  3. Create your vision board in an app, such as Canva or even Powerpoint. 
  4. Arrange your images on your document and save it to your laptop background or you can even print it off.
  5. You can also create on your phone, by making a collage in a photo editing app and save it as your wallpaper. 

Getting The Most Out Of Your Vision Board 

So you have created your vision board, now what??

To get the best results from your vision board, I recommend using the power of visualization!!

Every time you look at your vision board, visualize having everything that is on your board. Visualization is such a powerful way to train our brain to make a change and take action. 

It all starts with a vision!

Our minds can’t tell the difference between reality and our imagination. So the more you visualize what you want, the more it feels real. The more you believe that it is possible, the more likely it will come true. 

Therefore visualization is a powerful way to train our subconscious to believe this new reality.   

Stepping Into Your Dream Life 

Now you know what your dream life looks like, how do you start living it? 

The best way to do this is to take inspired action every day. 

What can you do now to start living your dream life?

Look at your dream life every day and think about what you can do to get closer to this vision.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do these exercises and it will just happen for you! 

You have to take action to create change! 

Even doing small changes every day will soon add up to big change!!

Remember it’s ok to take baby steps, there’s no rush here!! 

Let me know in the comments below what your dream life looks like!!

Big Love

Laura x

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How To Create A Vision For Your Dream Life
how to create a vision for your dream life

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  1. I have really been interested in working on myself and my personal, as well, as business identity. I have just kind of been stuck as to where to start. This is great! The steps are easy to understand and very enlightening. Thank you!

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      So glad you enjoyed this!! If your feeling stuck, doing any of these exercises will help you get clearer on what your dream life looks like! Thank you

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      You’re so welcome! Glad you enjoyed this. Yes categorizing your life is an easy way to start creating a vision for your dream life. It makes it feel less overwhelming! Thank you

  2. These are great tips, thank you! I really like the part about envisioning your ideal day. Just taking it little by little doing something every day to create your dream life

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  3. “What would your day look like if you had all the money in the world, you had your dream career or business and you had achieved all your biggest goals?”
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