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Get Into the God State to Manifest What you Want

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Get Into the God State to Manifest What you Want

The key to manifesting what you want is getting into the god state. When you practice getting into the god state, you will manifest faster and with more ease. 

If you don’t believe you can manifest what you want, you will simply get more of that!! You will keep getting evidence that you can’t manifest the things you want. It will feel hard, and you will feel frustrated with this. 

Manifesting isn’t for the faint hearted, it takes work to change the way you think and react to life. 

By getting into the god state, you will strengthen your belief in yourself and how you manifest.

So, what is the God State?

The god state is when you know that you are creating, you know that everything that you desire is coming to you. It’s a state where you have full trust that you are manifesting your life. 

Being in the god state feels effortless, you know that everything is responding to your thoughts and assumptions. 

By getting into this state of being, you know all the answers, you know what to do to create your life and you stop reacting to the 3d.

You know that circumstances don’t matter, and you can transcend them to manifest what you want. 

You see the value of everything in your life.

This is something you can practice until it becomes your dominant state of being. 

If you do one thing to become a master at manifesting, do this!! It will change everything!!

How to get into the God State

get into the god state

A good way to get into the god state is by visualising being in this state. Imagine yourself being able to manifest so easily and not reacting to the 3D. 

Imagine what that version of you looks like. The version of you that knows everything is working out in your favour. 

How does she think and feel? How does that version of you act differently to the version you are now?

Practise throughout the day, what that version of you looks like. Your higher self, the one that knows how to manifest with ease and grace. 

That version of you who is calm and confident in herself and knows she will always get what she wants. 

The version of yourself that knows her power. 

You can also affirm that you are God. Once you know how that version of yourself acts, thinks and feels, you can create some affirmations for this too.

Affirmations such as:

  • I am God
  • I am a powerful creator
  • I am all knowing
  • I am peace
  • I am love
  • I Know what to do
  • I know how to manifest
  • This is so easy for me

When you get into this state you stop questioning where your manifestation is. You move from asking so many questions into knowing what to do.

What to do if you Fall out of the God State

You know when you are in the God state, you won’t have any doubts in your power, manifesting will feel easy. You will have trust that you will get what you want. 

However, it takes practice to do this, most of our lives we have spent living in fear and doubt. Thinking that life is just happening to us. 

So be patient with yourself. Keep practising how this feels and when you fall out of this state you can do 1 of 2 things. 

If you have fallen out of the state because you feel sad about something, then feel your feelings first. Don’t beat yourself up for having feelings at all. 

We are humans and we are meant to feel!!

After you have felt all your feelings and worked through them, then practice moving back into the God state again. 

If you have just simply fallen out of the God state and you’re not sad about anything, simply visualise yourself stepping back into that state. Or you can affirm, whatever feels good to you. 

Remember this is a practice, you might only be able to hold this state for a few minutes at first. 

Keep going and have fun with it!!

Let me know in the comments how it feels for you when you are in the God state!!

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I love you!!

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