How To Stop Hating Your Feelings

We are often told that it’s not OK to feel upset, angry or hurt by other people. That we should ignore any negativity and not let things get to us but how healthy is this approach? “Get out of your emotions” “Just be happy” “Don’t let them bother you” “Just move on, it’s in the past” “Just ignore them, that’s …

3 ways to beat the winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues

So its winter again and I’ve noticed a lot of people around me are feeling a bit blue and down (me included!) We all know that the shorter days and lack of sunlight and that is just too flipping cold to be out all day is affecting us. But how do we stay happy and healthy during these winter months??? …

Inspiring Quotes On Stress

We all experience stress, some more than others. Feeling stressed out all the time is not a sign of success and the less stress we experience, the better our lives will be.

How to Escape the Comparison Trap

How to Escape the Comparison Trap

We are all guilty of it, whether it’s on social media, with our friends or at work. We are all comparing ourselves to others. Sometimes no matter how well we do, we seem to come across someone who’s done it better or who’s more successful than us.  It’s even harder now, with everyone’s life looking so perfect on Instagram or …

how to get started with self-care practices

How to Get Started with Self-Care Practices

It’s so easy for us to say we don’t have time for self-care practices but how true is that really? We are all busy and most of us have families to look after but when we put ourselves last on the priority list, then we risk total burnout. I can always tell how my mental health is doing by how …

ways to practice mindfulness

Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily

Are you struggling to find ways to practice mindfulness in your busy life? When was the last time you gave something your full attention? Instead of worrying, overthinking or checking your phone, you gave the task you are doing your complete devotion. If you’re like me, your answer is probably “not very often”. With our minds wondering and constantly thinking …

11 techniques to improve sleep

Secret Techniques to Improve Sleep

Sleep is by far my favourite thing. I just love it but sometimes I find it hard to get to sleep!! When I don’t sleep, I find it so hard to get through my day. After having my second child in my 30’s I found that it was harder for me to function without it!! It’s not the same as …