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5 Fun Ways to Create Your Dream Life

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When you try to create your dream life, it can sometimes feel a little bit boring just affirming what you want. Especially if you like to be creative, like me. 

I like to mix things up when I’m manifesting and to keep it fun, as this helps reduce any resistance to manifesting my desires. 

I also try to focus on myself as much as possible. Yes, we can create specific people to act differently with us, but it starts with you. 

Everything is a mirror of our inner world. So how people are showing up are simply a reflection of the thoughts and assumptions we have about them. 

So if someone isn’t showing up how you want, or you feel disrespected, unloved, or not wanted, this is showing you that there are still some triggers to work on. 

Every day I move closer and closer to being my highest self. I want this to be your goal!! Because no matter how many things you manifest in, if you aren’t happy in yourself, it won’t make a difference. 

Creating an inner shift, where you feel at peace, content, loved and whole, is the sweet spot. You will no longer sabotage when your manifestations come in. You will be able to receive the things you want with ease. 

Because you will feel worthy of them. 

So yes, this is about getting everything you want but it’s also about creating an inner shift, where you feel secure in yourself and don’t need anything outside of you to feel happy. 

How many times have you got what you want and you still felt the same way as you did before? You thought by getting your manifestation, it would change how you feel. 

Well, it has to be the other way around. Change how you feel inside and your whole world will change. 

Therefore a lot of these techniques are centred around YOU!!!

This is your time!! Your time to feel like you are limitless, that you are so powerful and are pure love and abundance. 

You deserve to create your dream life, you desire to have it all and you deserve to feel at peace with life. 

You got this girl.

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5 Fun Ways to Create Your Dream Life

Write a letter to your future self

I love doing this exercise and felt a huge shift after I wrote my letter. I read my letter at least once a day and it gives me a huge boost. 

So basically, you want to write a letter to your future self, thanking them for everything they have done to create change. You then go on to write about how your life has changed and what it looks like now. I also add in how I feel about each area of my life and in general. 

Get as creative as you can, dream big with this one. I found that some of the things I wrote about happened fast and then others are still unfolding in my life. You can then revisit every few months or write a new one.

Read it as much as you can to really impress your subconscious mind.

Create your vision of your higher self

In order to be a whole new person, you need to have a vision of what that looks like. If you were your higher self, your best self, what would that look like?

How would you act, think and feel? 

Would you interact with other people differently? How would you show up differently in the world?

I’ve included in mine how I would feel so connected to everyone and everything. How I wouldn’t get triggered and I would go within if something in my life is showing up that’s unfavourable. 

Really go into detail about how you would be if you were your best self. 

Read this every day to remind yourself of your vision.

Write a new story of your past 

Most of us are creating a future dictated by our pasts. Past events, beliefs, and behaviors are running the show. 

A great way to change this is by revising the past. 

You can do this by using affirmations or visualizing events being different. 

I like to use affirmations for this one because I don’t really like thinking of past events. 

All you need to do is write down everything in your past that you wish was different. For example, you never seem to have any money. Then create an affirmation that uses the word “always” in it. 

Like, “I’ve always had loads of money”

Do this for all areas of your life. Some of mine are below.

Write Your Ideal day

This is a really fun one to do. If you had all the money in the world or could do anything you wanted, how would your ideal day look like?

Would you meditate in the morning, have your dream business, or work from home?

What would you do throughout each part of the day? 

Once you have written this out, you can see if there is anything you can add to your day now. Then work towards your ideal day becoming a reality. 

Visualize this before you go to bed to help your subconscious mind know what you want to create. 

Your subconscious will then go to work to make that dream day a reality.

Practice Inner Conversations

Do you ever find yourself arguing with people in your mind? Maybe your boss annoyed you or you have fallen out with a friend. 

Well, this is called having inner conversations. Those inner conversations you are having are actually creating your life. 

So why not change it up and imagine what you want that person to actually say to you? Do you want them to apologize? Or tell you how much they care? 

Imagine them saying all the things you want to hear and then reply back to them. 

We are all connected, so the person you are having these conversations with will feel it too. They will start to be reflected back into your life as well.

I hope you enjoyed these exercises and don’t forget you can download your worksheet HERE!!

Happy creating!!!


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