Circumstances do not Matter When Manifesting

Circumstances do not Matter When Manifesting

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Circumstances do not Matter When Manifesting

Circumstances do not matter when manifesting your desires.


Circumstances are simply a reflection of your old thoughts and can be changed and they can be changed fast!!

This is probably the most important concept to understand with The Law of Assumption. We are conditioned to think that we have no power with the 3D, that life just happens to us. 

This is a belief that will hold you back in life. 

When we believe this to be true, we focus on our lives and what’s happened, we try to change the world around us, rather than going within.

You have to change within to change without

How to Ignore your Circumstances to get What you Want.

Firstly, accept that you create your reality, your beliefs, assumptions, and perceptions create how you see the world and what’s reflected back to you. 

This is never to say you are to blame. You are not to blame for the world you live in or your life. However, you can take responsibly that your thoughts create your own reality.

This means that you can recognise that all the beliefs you picked up as a child and an adult shaped how you see yourself and the world. By taking responsibility, you take back your power and accept that you can change your thoughts.

We don’t want to blame ourselves, and we always want to have compassion to ourselves and others.

There is sometimes a delay in the 3D, so if you have been affirming what you want, sometimes you will still get circumstances from your old thoughts……you have to persist. 

A lot of us get triggered by what’s happening and we react, so we have to change that if we want to get our desires. 

So when you do get triggered you need to change it in your mind first. 

You can have a technique you like to use to calm you down but you have to affirm what you want instead. 

Or you can have a few blanket affirmations for when you’re triggered to make it easier for you to affirm in those moments. 

Affirm, Affirm, Affirm 

Circumstances do not matter 

Fuck the 3D, I’m getting what I want 

My life is perfect 

I always get what I want

It’s already done, it’s already manifested 

Work on Your Self Concept

We often get triggered by our world because we hold a concept of ourselves in different areas of our lives. You can have a great self concept in work but not in love.

Everyone has a different self concept and it’s important to understand your own self concept, so you can change it to a better one.

I go into more detail about how to find out your own limiting beliefs and how to change them in my Self-Sabotage Buster Planner.

Why Circumstances Don’t Matter When Manifesting

Do circumstances matter when manifesting?


Remember, things can change so fast. It happens all the time, think back to how many miracles you have heard in your lifetime. Where things seemed impossible but everything turned around.

This is why circumstance don’t matter, because anything can change.

Going deeper with this, you have to understand that what you desire is already created, it’s already manifested. As soon as you have a desire it is created in a parallel Universe.

It’s about getting to that timeline where you have everything you want and you can only do that by thinking the thoughts you would have if you already had it. 

Nothing can be created if you do not give it attention. 

No matter what circumstances are in your life now, things can change and they can change fast!

So if you are focusing on the circumstances that you created with your old thoughts, you are just going to get more of this.

That’s why it’s so important to persist no matter what. 

Ignore the 3D because that is just your old shitty thinking and go to the end. Go to the reality where you already have it. How would that feel? What thoughts would you be thinking?

And keep on doing that until you get what you want!!! 

It’s already yours.

The only way you won’t get what you want is if you keep thinking the same thoughts that created your world in the first place. 

Nurture your mind with positive, loving thoughts that will help the seed of your desire grow.

Believe in yourself and your powers. That any circumstance you have the power to change. Know this will pass if you keep affirming and everything around you will become wonderful.

Only you get to decide what you accept or reject in your reality.

You got this

I love you

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