A quick & easy way to practice forgiveness

A Quick and Easy way to Practice Forgiveness

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A quick & easy way to practice forgiveness

Are you looking for a way to practice forgiveness in your life?

We all know that forgiveness will set us free but what does that look like?

When I first discovered the power of forgiveness, I struggled to figure out how to do it!

I now practice forgiveness every day, it is such a powerful way to clear stuck energy from your past.

If your feeling like your not manifesting your dreams, I can guarantee that you will need to do some forgiveness work!!

I’m currently working through Iyanla Vanzant book, Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything.

It’s an emotional journey but so worth it!

I also came across this amazing ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, which is super quick and easy to do.

There are a few different versions of this forgiveness practice but below is the one I like to use.

The Practice  Of Forgiveness

Step One

I like to make a list of things or people I want to forgive or you can simply think of one event.

If you have created a list, pick one to start, and then think about that person or situation. Close your eyes and visualise the person you want to forgive, the situation or even yourself!!

Think about this until all your emotions come to the surface, really connect with what you want to forgive, this will make it more powerful.

Step Two

The next step is to say the following mantra

I forgive you

I’m sorry

Thank you

I love you

Now don’t worry if you find it hard to say the “I love you” part, just say as many of them as you can to start. Even if you start with just saying one of them, you can build on that until you can say all four.

Step Three

Now thank the person or situation for everything you learned from them and for helping you grow.

Then simply let it go!

Move on to the one on your list; spend a few minutes on each item.

You’re clearing a lot of energy here so make sure you drink lots of water!!

Step Four

Check-in with how you feel in a few days and if you still have emotions linked to the person then do the practice again.

Forgiveness Mantra

So what does the mantra mean?

Here is a quick explanation of each part of the mantra:

I forgive you: helping you clear any anger and resentment towards the person

I’m sorry: accepting that we all play a part in everything and feel compassion for the other person

Thank you: showing thanks to the person for helping you grow and learn from this situation

I love you: sending healing love to the other person. Love is the highest frequency and we grow the most when we can show love to people that have hurt us

The Benefit Of Forgiveness

So what’s the point of forgiveness, isn’t it just letting people get away with treating us like crap?

Well, no!

Carrying around anger and resentment will only affect YOUR ENERGY! When we forgive more our lives become lighter.

Forgiveness will free your energy up to focus on things that really matter in your life!

No more wasting energy on the past!!

It is so true:


Big love

Laura xx

a quick and easy way to practice forgiveness
A Quick and Easy way to Practice Forgiveness
A Quick and Easy way to practice forgiveness

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