9 ways to create a positive mindset

9 Ways to Create a More Positive Mindset

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9 ways to create a more positive mindset

It’s a well-known belief that like attracts like, so if we want more positivity in our lives, we have to focus on creating a positive mindset.

And a positive mindset needs to be worked on daily, you can’t just expect to feel positive, life doesn’t work like that (unless you’re one of those lucky people who are just always happy!!)

I work on my mindset EVERY day, I’m not perfect, and I still get triggered sometimes! However, when I do the work on my mindset, I bounce back quicker! When I let my mindset work slip, my god do I notice!!

So here’s the key, your mindset takes work, life can be hard and throw all kinds of crap at you but when you work on your mindset, you will feel like you can take on the world.

So here are some of the things I do every day to create keep my mindset in check!

Create A Positive Mindset


Affirmations are a great place to start when it comes to mindset. However, affirmations by themselves will not change your life, they’re simply a tool to change your inner talk.

Start by looking at the negative things you say to yourself every day and simply flip them around. So if you tell yourself that you can’t do this, start with “I CAN DO THIS”

I’ve created 40 affirmations to increase your self-love and you can find them HERE.

Morning Routine

I hold my hands up here, I’m not the best at doing my morning routine. I have a toddler, so it’s sometimes hard to fit this one in.

If you have the luxury of time, then creating a morning routine is a great way to start your day.

I try and fit in affirmations, meditation and if I’m lucky some yoga!!

When I don’t have the time to do a lot in the morning, I make sure I list in my head all the things I’m grateful for.

Don’t love your body right now? Then start your day being grateful for every part of it! I start saying “I’m grateful for my beautiful curly hair” and work my way down!

It feels GREAT to show your body some love every day!!

Evening Routine

I love my evening routine, it’s my favourite time of the day!! I go to bed about an hour before I want to sleep. I read my book, do some affirmations and listen to a 30-minute meditation.

Doing this helps my sleep and most of the time I wake up happy!!

Find some things that will calm you down, ready for sleep and reinforce some positivity into your evening.

Want some help with creating a really good evening routine? Beth Anne Schwamberger has an awesome guild to Crafting Your Perfect Evening Routine as part of the jam-packed Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

Find out more HERE!!


If you’re ever feeling really lost, I can guarantee that gratitude will pull you out of this.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational feelings and it’s the fastest way to feel calm and happy in your life.

Write a gratitude journal, say it out loud or even send a message to your friends about all the things you’re grateful for!

Move Your Body

Energy lives in our bodies and when you don’t move them, you feel stuck!!

Find any movement that you LOVE!

I love to dance, walk and do yoga!

Our bodies are designed to move, so get moving!!


There is a reason why everyone bangs on about meditation because it flipping works!!

You don’t need hours in the day to practice meditation.

There are loads of apps out there that have smaller meditations on them.

Even 5 minutes a day is going to make a change!

You can even practice meditation while doing other things, such as walking or even doing the dishes!! You simply need to be mindful!

Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

Don’t you just hate limiting beliefs?!

I do!! Because they are just so limiting!!

My favourite way to clear limiting beliefs is EFT.

If you have never used EFT, Brad Yates is your man! He has so many videos on clearing limiting beliefs on his Youtube video. You can check him out HERE!


I just love love LOVE forgiveness!! It’s one of the best ways to clear all the negative junk from your mind.

You’ll be surprised about how much resentment we hold onto. A great way to practice forgiveness is the Ho’oponopono way.

It’s a simple statement, I Forgive You, I’m Sorry, Thank You, I Love You.

If you would like to know more, you can find my guild HERE (Plus a FREE forgiveness printout!!)

Do Something New

I love trying new things and meeting new people, it’s a great way to shake your life up!

Meetup is a great way to meet new people and there are loads of different groups out there.

You could also find a new hobby, start a course or find a new passion.

Trying something new will give you a confidence boost and help you feel less bored with life!

So that’s my favourite things to help create a more positive life. Let me know how you stay positive in the comments below!

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9 Ways to Create a More Positive Mindset

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  1. I loved this post, Laura. You’ve listed some great pointers. I do follow morning routine but not regularly 😦
    I don’t know how to bring regularity. And your last point FORGIVENESS – I think this was needed today in my life. Thanks for writing this post.

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      Thank you Shweta, yes I’m the same with my morning routine. Trying to be more consistent!! Glad you enjoyed this and the forgiveness post! 😘

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    2. Having a better mindset is something I am constantly trying to work on. Thank you so much for all of your tips and habit suggestions.

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          Brilliant. Yes gratitude is the one thing I turn to when I’m starting to slip into negativity. Glad this has helped!!

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      Glad you enjoyed this. Yea I love using affirmations for success!! Same, I really need to up my morning routine 🤣

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