Simple Self-Love Habits That Will Make you Feel Amazing

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Have you ever wished that your life could feel calmer and that more amazing things would happen? That is how I felt last year, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Fast forward to today and my life has completely changed, even though I went through a painful break up 2 months ago.

Believe it or not, I turned my life around by practicing radical self-love.  I had hit rock bottom and I realised if I carried on abusing myself I wouldn’t survive.

So I took dramatic action, I decided that I was going to do anything I could to make myself not only feel good but feel amazing!

Here are 8 things that I do daily to make sure I’m getting a good dose of self-love in my life.

1.Mirror work

This is such powerful tool to help with self-love, every day look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”.

I know this sounds really weird and you may feel silly or even find it really hard to do but be practising this every day you are giving yourself the love you need. This will soon become more comfortable to do and can be such an instant self-love pick me up.


Awareness is the first step to changing our lives; by becoming more aware of our feelings and what’s going on in our lives we can take back control. Being aware of our emotions is a way to practice self-love because we are listening to our needs and wants.

In the evening you can think about what went right and wrong and how things made you feel. This can help you understand your moods better, learn where you need more self-care and adjust things to help you in the future.


This is a great step to do after you have become aware of your day. Look at anything that may have gone wrong and show compassion to it. It may be something you have done or something someone else has done.

Showing compassion to ourselves can help with depression and anxiety. Also, studies have shown that compassion can help us cope better with failure and even with trauma.

If you do something that you feel ashamed of or embarrassed about, show yourself some compassion and talk to yourself like you would your best friends.

Be kind and gentle to yourself!!

4.Stress management

Another way to show yourself self-love is to incorporate ways to reduce your stress levels EVERY day!

Some of my favourite stress reducing tools are: meditation, yoga, EFT, dancing to music, singing and hugs with people I love.

Make a list of all the things that help you feel less stressed and make sure you implement them during the day.

5.Celebrate you

How often do we go from one goal to another, without celebrating our successes?  We find it so easy to criticize ourselves but really hard to celebrate what we have achieved.

So start celebrating all the great things you do every day, even the ones that may seem small, they all add up and when you start doing this I guarantee you will instantly start to feel amazing!

Do a little celebratory dance every time something good happens to you!!

6.Me time

We all know how important self-care is for us but how often do we actually do this? When I wanted to turn my life around, I planned self-care into my day, like it was an appointment.

Make a list of all your favourite self-care activities and plan them in your week, put them into your diary and stick to doing them!!

7.Do your best

You can only do your best, nothing more, nothing less. When you aim to do your best we don’t push ourselves too much and we don’t do less than.

Doing your best will look different every day, depending on your energy and whether you are ill or not.  By listening to our bodies and learning to know how much few can do to do our best, we let go of the need to be perfectionists and people pleasers.

8.Look after yourself

Looking after ourselves is crucial for self-love, when we don’t love ourselves we tend to eat junk foods, avoid exercise and put ourselves down. In fact I use this as a indicator to my mental health, the less I’m looking after myself, the more likely that I’m feeling depressed.

So eating healthy, getting exercise and taking care of ourselves is a great way to help when you’re feeling down, even if It’s just making yourself get dressed in the morning. It has a big impact on our mood and how we feel about ourselves.   

Self-love may sound overwhelming and something that you feel is impossible to achieve but by creating small daily habits, you really can feel amazing about yourself!!

Loving yourself is possible, you just have to work at that love!

So let me know in the comments your favourite self-love habits and remember to keep shinning.

Big love

Laura xx

simple self-love habits that will make you feel amazing

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