50 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life

50 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life

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50 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life

I first heard the term incremental upgrade from the amazing money mindset mentor, Denise Duffield Thomas. The idea is to make small, incremental upgrades to start creating the life that you want. 

It’s all about making small changes, that lead to big shifts. 

It can feel very overwhelming if there is a big gap between the life that you have and the life that you want. That’s why incremental upgrading can make it feel more manageable. 

It’s not just about upgrading your physical life but it is also a great way to improve your mental and emotional life too. 

For example, you can add small spiritual practices into your day or add a new ritual, like journaling or forgiveness. 

These small changes, if done consistently, will compound over time and bring you closer to living your dream life. 

It’s not just about spending money either, you can upgrade lots of things in your life for FREE!!

It’s all about things that make you feel good!!

I’ve been doing this a lot recently over the last 6 months because I started to feel a little bit stuck in my life. Things had sort have plateaued and I really wanted to feel like my life was moving in the right direction. 

So here is a list of some of the things I have upgraded (or want to) to get you started!

Ways to Upgrade Your Life

Upgrade Your Health

  1. Drinking celery juice in the morning
  2. Going gluten-free 
  3. Going dairy-free
  4. Doing yoga every day 
  5. Drink lime or lemon water, to stay more hydrated 
  6. Have one plant-based meal a day 
  7. Have regular phone breaks 
  8. Walk, instead of driving 
  9. Buy organic where you can 
  10. Cut down on caffeine 
  11. Cut down on sugar 
  12. Create an exercise plan and stick to it 
  13. Eat mindfully 

Upgrade Your Home

  1. Declutter 
  2. Having more plants – I love Swiss Cheese Plants and Patterned Indoor Prayer Plant
  3. Get some new artwork, I love Daniela Alfieri
  4. Paint a room 
  5. Buy yourself some flowers to brighten up a room 
  6. Buy new, matching towels 
  7. Get some fairy lights for your bedroom
  8. Fix things in your house that have been left 
  9. Paint your kitchen doors and upgrade the handles 
  10. Organise your wardrobe and get matching hangers 
  11. Paint your staircase 
  12. Buy some pretty candles
  13. Have a salt lamp in every room 

Upgrade Your Mind and Spirit  

  1. Practice forgiveness 
  2. Write a gratitude journal 
  3. Do meditation every day 
  4. Listen to and write affirmations 
  5. Write I AM statements eg I am enough 
  6. Journal every morning 
  7. Learn a new language 
  8. Read more books 
  9. Try visualising your goals and dreams coming true 
  10. Set regular goals and celebrate when you achieve them 
  11.  Use EFT to clear limiting beliefs and clear racing thoughts 

Upgrade Your Skincare and Hair 

  1. Use a Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha massager in the evening after you have cleansed your face and using a face oil
  2. Make your own DIY face and body scrubs 
  3. Make your own bath bombs 
  4. Weekly face and eye masks 
  5. Use coconut oil on your hair every week 

Other Ways to Upgrade Your Life

  1. Buy matching underwear 
  2. Track and work around your menstrual cycle, Alisa Vitti’s book is amazing
  3. Start a savings account, and pay a small amount in each week/month 
  4. Meal plan and prep a week’s worth of meals 
  5. Work on your money blocks
  6. Learn about The Law of Attraction and how to manifest 
  7. Coach yourself with Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter Sessions
  8. Learn how to be a more conscious parent with Shefali Tsabary’s book The Conscious Parent

So those are some of my faviortie upgrades to improve your life. Let me know in the comments below if you have any upgrades that I haven’t listed.

Big love

P.S If you love a good challenge, then download my FREE self-love journaling challenge HERE!

50 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life

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