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50 Affirmations to Manifest Money

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If you want to manifest money, you are going to have to change your story around money. That starts with changing your thoughts.

The way you think and feel around money is a big indicator on what you believe is possible. If you are always thinking you don’t have enough, you never will.

If you feel out of control around money, then it’s time to change that story. 

Change Your Story Around Money

In this blogging series I’m going to give you some amazing affirmations that can help you shift your beliefs and what better way to start than manifesting money.

There’s a lot of scarcity and fear going on in the world right now, with prices of nearly everything going up. So it can be hard to change any deep rooted beliefs with this going on. 

The first thing you need to do is decide that you don’t identify with you. That isn’t your truth!

Decide you already are a wealthy woman now!!

Yes there may be some inner work to do if you aren’t making the amount you want to right now. However, isn’t it wonderful that It all starts with a thought and your thoughts can be changed.

So repeat these affirmations multiple times a day to start shifting your beliefs and manifest money!!

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Affirmations to Manifest Money

  1. I am a money magnet 
  2. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly 
  3. I’m always receiving money in unexpected ways 
  4. I am so good with my money 
  5. I make more money everyday 
  6. My income doubles everyday 
  7. I am worthy and deserving of making a f*ck load of money 
  8. I love money and money loves me 
  9. Money looks after me and I look after my money 
  10. I am so good at making money 
  11. It’s so easy from me to make money 
  12. I make money in my sleep 
  13. It’s safe for me to be a millionaire 
  14. I have a millionaire mindset 
  15. I am worth over a million pounds/dollars 
  16. Everything I touch turns to gold
  17. Wealth and financial stability are easily mine 
  18. I trust myself with money 
  19. I make amazing investments 
  20. I am wise when it comes to money 
  21. Money has a positive impact on my life 
  22. I feel free in my income 
  23. I am aligned with the energy of money 
  24. I naturally find ways to make millions of pound 
  25. Money rains down on me
  26. I am crazy rich 
  27. I am so lucky with money 
  28. I am so happy and grateful I make X a month (enter your money goal) 
  29. It feels so good that I make so much money 
  30. Every time I spend, I make 10x back 
  31. I love that I have so much money coming in
  32. I am so happy and grateful I have more money than I know what to do with
  33. Isn’t it wonderful that I have financial freedom 
  34. I have always been rich
  35. I have always had a load of money 
  36. I have a healthy relationship with money 
  37. The more money I spend, the more that comes back to me 
  38. It is safe for me to want more money 
  39. It’s safe for me to spend money 
  40. I am open to receive more money 
  41. Money flows to me everyday and in every way 
  42. I’ve always been good at managing my money 
  43. Why am I so rich
  44. Why is it so easy for me to make loads of money 
  45. I am more than good enough to make loads of money 
  46. I release all the resistance I have around making money 
  47. It’s safe for me to make my own money 
  48. I change the world with the money I make 
  49. I now clear any blocks getting in my way of making more than enough money 
  50. I get to have it all NOW 

Shift Your Beliefs Around Manifesting Money

The money important thing to not is, you can’t change your beliefs if you don’t change your thoughts. So choose some of these affirmations, the ones that resonate with you and say them daily. Decide on your money goal and write it somewhere you will see it everyday.

Notice the way you talk and think around money, especially when you spend money. Start being grateful for your bills, start loving your money and it will change your mindset around money.

And remember, you are a money magnet and you deserve all the riches in the world

Big love

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