5 Things To Stop Doing Now If You Want To Manifest Your Desires

5 Things to Stop Doing Now if You Want to Manifest Your Desires

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5 Things to Stop Doing Now if You Want to Manifest Your Desires
5 Things To Stop Doing Now If You Want To Manifest Your Desires

Have you ever felt stuck trying to manifest your desires??

I know I have and it can be frustrating as hell!!

Sometimes it just feels like we can’t get the things we want and it just isn’t going to happen for us! Maybe you don’t feel pretty enough, good enough or smart enough to manifest your desires.

Maybe you just don’t think this Law of Attraction stuff works for you, everyone else makes it look so easy and your left feeling stuck!

There is so much information out there about manifesting; it can feel overwhelming at times. I believe that it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

In fact, you can read my 5 steps to manifesting your dreams just to see how simple it can be.

A Quick Overview Of The 5 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires

  1. Declutter
  2. What You Want To Manifest
  3. Raise Your Vibration
  4. Inspired Action
  5. Be Open To Receive

So what if you have taken all the steps but still not getting what you want?

Well, I’ve found that there are 5 things you might be doing (and not even realise) that could be holding you back!

Not Believing In Yourself

If you don’t believe you can manifest something, it’s going to be really hard for you to do so. I would suggest starting with this.

I mainly use EFT to clear my doubts about myself, I write down all my limiting beliefs around my goal and tap on it until I feel like I truly believe in myself. I also make sure I keep tapping on this every day while working on my goal.

I then break my goal down and take small actions to start seeing some progress. This is so important because this progress is what will give you your confidence.

For example, if you wanted to write a book but you don’t believe you are a good writer, then you are never going to feel confident enough to start.

So what you could do is start writing for 30 minutes a day, which will help you feel more confident about writing. You could then start sharing your writing with others (as long as they are supportive of your goal) and start getting feedback.

Doing this will help grow your confidence with writing, instead of just jumping straight into trying to write a whole book!

Negative Talk

This is probably the most important thing to become aware of. Listen to how you think and talk, are you being negative?

Even when you think you are being positive, there is always some negative thoughts you can clear.

For example, I have got to a really good place with my mindset but I do sometimes find myself saying things like “I can’t do this” or “this isn’t going to work”. This usually happens at stressful times or if I haven’t eaten (that’s why self-care is so important)

I recently set a big goal and started working towards it. I worked on clearing all my doubts, telling everyone about my goal and doing all the manifesting steps.

It wasn’t for a few weeks that I noticed when I was telling other people about my goal, I was saying “I’m going to manifest this but it’s going to be hard and take a long time”

So the belief was there but I was putting limits on how long it will take. Since I’ve let these thoughts go and I’ve stopped saying these things, the heaviness has gone.

I feel lighter and calmer about achieving this goal.

Can you see how these 2 little words changed the way I felt about my goal?

So if you’re not reaching your goal, listen to how you talk about it, is there anything you are saying that could be blocking you from getting there faster?

Telling Yourself It Will Be Hard

Like I said above because I was telling myself this goal would be hard, everything I did while working towards it also felt hard.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to take action to achieve your goals, or even do work to get there. Quite the opposite, you won’t achieve anything sitting on your sofa!!

But when you stop telling yourself it will be hard, it changes your energy about it. Because who would want to do anything that’s going to be hard!

You could change it from “this is going to be hard to this is going to be a challenge”.

It may only be a slight tweak in language but it will make a huge difference. When we say something is going to be hard, our subconscious thinks it’s near impossible and you start to feel like you don’t even want to try anymore.  

However, when you say something is going to be a challenge, it can almost feel exciting, I mean who doesn’t love a challenge!!

Not Being Clear On What You Want

Setting goals that aren’t specific will slow down the manifesting process. If you set goals like, I want to be happy or I want to make more money, the universe won’t really know what you want.

You also won’t really know if you have achieved them!!

Try making your goals as specific as possible, such as I want to make £1k by the end of the month.

Setting dates on your goals also helps because if you say you want to achieve something in the future, it will also stay in the future!!

Obsessing Over The How And When

After you have set some really specific goals, it’s best to let go of the how and when.

Give the how and when over to the Universe!

If you think you can only manifest your desires a certain way, you are blocking all the other ways it could happen.

Yes, it’s great to put deadlines on your goals and take inspire action but be open to other possibilities.

Believe in divine timing and stop stressing about when it will happen. If you don’t manifest your desires by the time you have set, simply go over the manifesting steps again.

It may be that you’re not ready yet and that’s OK!

Just keep doing the work to get to a place where you are ready to receive!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and let me know in the comments what you are wanting to manifest right now!

Big Love


5 things to stop doing now to manifest your desires
5 Things to Stop Doing Now if You Want to Manifest Your Desires

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  1. Time limits unfortunately stand in the way of a lot of dreams. When people understand that everyone goes at their own pace… dreams can become a reality! Great read

    1. Post

      Yes so true!! While I believe that having deadlines on your goals can be great for motivation, it’s also important to let go of the need for it to happen by then!! Thank you

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  2. I am a firm believer in “believing in yourself”. I used to doubt myself but I just kept repeating and asking myself “why not me?” Average people (aka me) do epic shit every day! So why not me!?!

    Go get it girl!

    1. Post
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  3. This is a geeat post!
    For me tge self doubt is not so apparent it hides smwhere n that’s what i believe is stopping me from achieving the full potential

    1. Post

      Thank you!! Yes sometimes self doubt can be very hidden. Have you have ever tried EFT? It’s a great tool to uncover this doubt. Even if you tap on the fact you have hidden doubt, it will bring what’s hiding to the surface!!

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  4. Not being clear is a BIG one for me. But I kind of disagree with telling yourself it will be hard. I always tell myself that and it kind of gets by butt in gear bc I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Love your post though, I know it will help a lot of readers out there.

    1. Post

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed this. Language is so powerful, so it’s all about what resonates and works for you. I find a lot of people feel weighed down when they tell themselves it will be hard. Of course, it doesn’t mean it won’t take a lot of work!!

  5. These are all so true. I’ve been working on speaking positively and actually believing that good things happen to me and good things have actually been happening. I’ve literally manifested jobs and even people into my life.

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  6. Great tips! It can certainly be challenging to stick with the work to manifest and there are many things like this that can get in our way. Thank you for this advice!

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