31 Day Gratitude Journaling Challenge

Gratitude Journaling Challenge

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31 Day Gratitude Journaling Challenge

If you loved my self-love journaling challenge, you’re gonna love this one. 

It can be really hard to remember to be grateful but it’s so important to practice this every day. 

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational emotions. I believe the more we are grateful the more great things we attract into our lives. 

When I first started practising gratitude, I found it hard to think of things apart from my family. 

However the more I practised, the more things I found I was grateful for. 

The great thing about this challenge is it will deepen your gratitude practice. You will start to feel grateful for all the wonders in the world, not just the obvious thing in your life. 

Come back to these journaling prompts whenever you feel you can’t think of anything to be grateful for (GRAP THE PRINTOUT HERE)


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Gratitude Journaling Challenge

Day 1

What are all the great things you love about your body?

Day 2

Why are you grateful for your body?

Day 3

What are the amazing things about your personality?

Day 4

What are some of the great things your friends say about you? 

Day 5

What are your biggest achievements? 

Day 6

How do your friends and family support you? 

Day 7

What are your favourite songs that lift your mood?

Day 8

What are the things you love about your friends? 

Day 9

Who is the one person you can always count on and what do you love about them? 

Day 10

List all the things about nature that you are grateful for. 

Day 11

What are your favourite animals and why do you love them? 

Day 12

What are all thing things you love about your home?

Day 13

List all the things your really good at. 

Day 14

What are some of the biggest challenges you have overcome? 

Day 15

What are the things you achieved that you never thought was possible? 

Day 16

List all the books that have changed your life. 

Day 17

What are your favourite films and why do you love them? 

Day 18

Who are all the amazing people who have inspired your life? 

Day 19

Who has showed you kindness when you needed it the most? 

Day 20

What exercises do you love to do? 

Day 21

What are all the things that bring you the most joy? 

Day 22

What brings comfort into your life? 

Day 23

What excites you every day? 

Day 24

List all the little things that you are grateful for. 

Day 25

What foods do you love the most? 

Day 26

What are your favourite drinks? 

Day 27

List all your clothes that spark joy

Day 28

What are your favourite things to do in the summer?

Day 29

What are your favourite things to do in the winter?

Day 30

List everything that made you smile today

Day 31

What makes you amazing? 

Hope you enjoy your month of gratitude and let me know in the comments some of your top things you are grateful for!!

Big love

Laura x

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