28 day self-love journaling challenge

28 Day Self-Love Journaling Challenge

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28 day self-love journaling challenge
self love journaling challenge pin

With Valentine’s day coming up, what better time to start a Self-Love journey.  My favourite way to discover what happens in my life and how I can love myself more is journaling. 

Below are 28 days of self-love journaling prompts.  You can either do your journaling in the morning or before bed. 

You can also download all the journaling questions HERE

Self-love Journaling

Self Love Journaling Prompts


How did I show myself love today?


What are the most beautiful parts of me?

Day 3

What do I need to do right now to love myself more?

Day 4

What do I need to let go of right now to love myself more?


Do I find it easy to ask for help? If not, what is stopping me from asking for help?

Day 6

How strong are my boundaries and how can I improve them?

Day 7 

When am I my most authentic self? How can I be more authentic now?

Day 8

What lights me up the most and how can I fit more of that into my life?

DAY 9 

What do I need to forgive myself for right now?

Day 10

How can I care for myself more?

Day 11

What are my favourite self-care activities and when can I fit these in?

Day 12

What parts of me am I thankful for?

DAY 13

What do I need to stop doing right now to show myself more love?

Day 14

When do I feel the most joy and how can I get more in my life?

Day 15

What would my dream life look like? Dream big!!

Day 16

What am I proud of about myself?

DAY 17

What are some of the biggest challenges I have overcome?

Day 18

How can I say YES to myself more?

Day 19

How can I create more space in my life?

Day 20

When do I feel most alive?

DAY 21

What or who makes me feel the most loved?

Day 22

What messages are my body trying to tell me?

Day 23

What are my best qualities?

Day 24

What new things do I want to try? What’s holding me back from doing them?

DAY 25

Are there any of my needs that aren’t getting met?

Day 26

How can I celebrate myself more?

Day 27

How can I show my inner child more love?

Day 28

What do I love most about myself?

Hope you enjoy your month of self-love and let me know in the comments if this helped deepen your love for yourself!!

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28 day self love journaling challenge
28 day self-love journaling challenge

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