20 Ways to Love Yourself More

20 Ways to Love Yourself More

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20 ways to love yourself more

If you’re not feeling your best or you’re beating yourself up a lot recently, working on your self-love could really change your life. It doesn’t have to be a huge act, it can be lots of little things during the day. 

These small acts of self-love will compound over time, and you will be feeling good about yourself in no time. 

Practicing self-love will help you let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, value yourself more and realise your fears so you can go after your goals and dreams!!

20 Ways to Love Yourself More

Below are some examples of self-love habits you can try and things that have helped me in my own self-love journey.

Ways to love yourself more

1. Write Yourself Love Notes 

What better way to express how much you love yourself than writing love notes to yourself. I write love letters, emails to myself, reminders on my phone, and love notes on post-its.

Get creative with this!! 

You can write out affirmations and put them around your house. You can stick them on your mirror, put them on your desk or write them in your diary.

2. Be Your own Best Friend 

If you’re putting yourself down a lot and criticising yourself, try talking to yourself like your best friend would. Think of what you would tell your best friend if she was in the same situation and give yourself the same pep talk.

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3. Do More Things That Make You Feel Alive

Being an adult, we often don’t do enough fun things or things that don’t light us up. We are so busy in life that fun is at the bottom of our priority list. Write a list of all the things that bring you joy and try and fit as many as possible! I’ve recently started roller skating again, as this was my favourite thing to do as a child!!

4. Validate Your Own Feelings

So many of us look to others to validate how we feel but the problem with this is, it doesn’t help us heal deep down. If we don’t validate ourselves, it doesn’t really matter what others think and the problem will often resurface.

This creates a cycle where we feel better temporarily, our problem will resurface and we then look for external validation again. It can feel like you’re on a loop. Start validating your own feelings, journaling is especially helpful for this.

5. Love Yourself More with Meditation 

Meditation is a great way to calm your racing negative thoughts. If you meditate every day, you will feel more connected to yourself. One of my favourite self-love meditations by Amanda Frances, it has the most beautiful background music!

6. Eat Healthier 

Recently I’ve been focusing on my health, which is an ultimate act of self-love. When we feel down, we tend to comfort eat and generally stop looking after ourselves.

I’m currently following Medical Medium, who has hundreds of protocols to heal your health. 

7. Tell Yourself You Love Yourself More

Everyday I look in the mirror and say “I love you”. It’s so simple but so powerful. I also say it when I notice my negative voice coming in. If plants grow better if we tell them we love them, imagine how much you will grow too 🙂 

8. Connect to Nature 

Getting out in nature helps you feel more connected to the universe and yourself. Nature has a powerful healing effect and will help you feel centred and grounded. 

9. Love Yourself More with Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself will heal your heart and help you move forward in life, releasing all the old to let the new in. Helping you to be kinder to yourself and believing in yourself more. Learning that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and holding onto the pain is damaging will really help you to forgive. 

10. Say No More Often 

An amazing way to get more self-love is to start putting yourself first and show up for yourself.

When you are people pleasing and over giving you are betraying yourself to get other people to like you. Not only are you not being truthful to yourself, but you aren’t to others either.

Learning to have healthy boundaries is so important to having high self-worth. Start by only saying yes to the things you want to do and no to the rest. 

11. Celebrate Yourself 

A lot of us are constantly chasing our dreams and thinking about how far we have to go to get to where we want, and we don’t celebrate how far we have come.

Start practicing celebrating every small change and accomplishments. It can be as small as, you had an early night, or stayed off social media for a day (which is actually very hard!) Keep a journal with all you small and big wins and your confidence will grow!!

12. Love Your Feelings 

Not many of us were taught to listen to our feelings, in fact we are often told to hide our feelings and that some feelings are bad, such as anger.

It’s normal to have a range of feelings on a daily basis. Being happy all the time isn’t healthy; the goal is to feel your feelings and be able to move out of them. Your feelings are there to guide you and protect you, so start listening more.

A great way to connect to your feelings is to stop and ask yourself a few times a day “how do I feel” 

13. Acts of self-love 

About a year ago I caught myself complaining in my head when I was doing things like tidying up and cleaning.

I then realised that having a tidy space makes me feel calm and it’s actually an act of self-love because it makes me feel happy. I say this to myself often, especially if I’m feeling tired, to remind myself that I’m loving myself. 

14. Be Mindful 

Being stuck in the past or worrying about the future can mean we forget to live our lives and be present. Being more mindful will bring a lot more joy into your life and fill your cup up. Try giving whatever you are doing your full attention and really live in the moment. 

15. Be in Your Feminine 

We all have feminine and masculine energies but with our busy lives we can find ourselves in our masculine more.

Being feminine is about being, while masculine is our doing energy. It’s not just about being mindful, being in your feminine is about being grounded, authentic, magnetic, creative, surrendering and being open. It’s all about letting go of trying to control and flowing through life. 

16. Believe in Yourself More 

It can be hard to believe in yourself, especially if you were criticized as a child. If you don’t believe in yourself though, who will.

We can often let other people’s thoughts and fear into our head, which holds us back. Start by telling yourself you can do it! We often tell ourselves we can’t do something when it’s actually not true. You can do anything you put your mind to!

17. Connect to Your Body 

I’m a true believer of the mind, body, soul connection. Connecting to our bodies is a very healing process and helps heal trauma. A great way to start is trying Yoga or Dance.

My favourite new way to connect to my body is The Class, it’s a cathartic workout experience, with a mixture of dance, yoga and HIIT exercises and it’s amazing!! 

18. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 

Comparing ourselves to others never feels good and is a waste of energy. You never really know what someone else is going through, or what they did to get where they are, so it would be like comparing apples with pears.

Whenever I catch myself comparing myself to others, I use EFT to quickly make me feel better and change my perspective. 

19. Stop Caring What Others Think 

This is also another thing that wastes our energy and stops us from living our life authentically. When we care about what people think of us, we change ourselves to try and be liked.

This never works because people will never see the real you. The majority of the time, other people’s opinions are simply projections of their own lives and limiting beliefs. Work to get to a place where you live for you, not to be liked.

20. Start Creating Your Dream Life

An amazing way to love yourself is to start dreaming big. Consciously creating your dream life will bring you so much joy.

Start creating a vision of what you want your life to look like, so every day you can move closer to that vision.

You can start by writing down your idea day and visualize it being true every day, until it becomes your reality!! Dream big girl!! 

I have a FREE worksheet to help you get started. You can sign up below.

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Live your life the way you want to!!

This is your life and it’s your time to start living it the way you want. Only you know what lights you up, what makes your heart sing and what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Loving yourself is all about living your dreams and creating a life that makes you feel amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my favourite ways to love yourself more and let me know in the comments what you do to increase your self-love 🥰✌

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Big love 


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