10 top myths about manifesting

10 Top Myths About Manifesting

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10 top myths about manifesting

10 Top Myths About Manifesting

If you have been following the Law of Attraction you might be feeling frustrated with the results. You might be feeling confused as to how you get into a higher frequency or the same vibration as your desire. You might be wondering how the hell you get aligned with what you want. 

The problem is, LOA has made everything so complicated. 

Manifesting is simple and easy. 

That’s if you understand how we really manifest. 

Our thoughts create. It’s that simple. 

So in this post, I’m going to debunk some of those myths about manifesting, so you can finally get what you want quickly and easily!!

Top Myths About Manifesting

Your Feelings Create 

You do NOT have to feel good to manifest. Everything in our lives is a manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions. Your thoughts create your feelings anyway. You can’t change your beliefs by trying to feel good all day, you have to change your thoughts!! 

Focus on your thoughts for a few days and see what patterns you can become aware of and how you talk to yourself. Create some powerful affirmations to change these beliefs. If you need some help with this, I have a FREE workbook you can download HERE.

The Universe Brings Your Desires 

The Universe doesn’t decide what you get in your life, it’s your subconscious mind that does. A lot of our beliefs are formed in childhood and they run on autopilot. We are conditioned to believe that there is an outside source creating our lives but this isn’t true. 

Work on the belief that you run the show, you create your life and you can have anything that you want. 

You are limitless!!

Circumstances Matter 

Nothing that happens in your 3D reality matters because it can all be changed when you change your thoughts. There may be a little bit of lag time when you change your thinking and focus on your new reality but that doesn’t matter. 

The 3D will catch up to your new beliefs if you just persist through. There is no need to think of why this is happening, just focus on your new affirmations and keep affirming through them.     

You give what’s happening in your reality meaning, so make sure it’s good meaning.        

Circumstances do not determine whether you get to have your manifestation or not!!  

You Just Have to Love Yourself 

Yes, loving yourself is amazing and important but that’s not going to get you what you want. You have to affirm what you want, you have to change your negative beliefs and assumptions about the world. 

If you believe that you don’t get what you want, that will be reflected back into your life no matter how much you love yourself. 

You can love yourself all you want but still think others don’t. Can you see the difference here? No one can love you if you don’t believe they do. 

So make sure your thoughts about yourself AND others are positive. Affirm for what you want and that will start showing up in your world. 

We Have no Control Over our Reality 

Even if you are not consciously controlling your reality, your subconscious mind is still controlling it. Once you really grasp that you are controlling everything, your thoughts, and what you believe, it will be a lot easier to create a wonderful life. 

You deserve to get what you want just because you desire it. It’s already yours. 

You are in control, your thoughts are what manifests. 

Affirm I am powerful 

I always get what I want 

Divine Timing 

There is no divine timing. The only thing in the way of your desires is yourself. 

If you are affirming money but then constantly being in victim mode and complaining about how much is in your bank account, you are going to get more of that. 

The only way to get your desires faster is by redirecting your negative thoughts to what you want. Only be aware of what you want, do not give awareness to what you don’t want. 

So affirm until it hardens into fact. 

If you believe there is divine timing then once again you are giving your power away. Stop doing that, you decide your reality, no one else!!

Letting go of Your Desires 

Letting go of your desires is not helpful at all. You get what you give your attention to, so if you just “set it and forget it” your subconscious mind is most likely going to forget it too. 

So if you are trying to manifest something, say a new car, the fastest way to get it is to affirm as much as you can. Affirm all day long “I love my new car” until it hardens into fact. 

It really is that simple. 

What you put your attention on grows!!

Look at when you are worrying about something, you don’t just say your worries once, most people have their worries on a consistent loop. That’s what’s been manifesting in your life so far. 

So why would it be any different for your positive affirmations? Saturate your mind with what you want. 

Using Negative Words 

You do not have to be careful about your words when affirming something!! If you never want to get sick, you can affirm “I never get sick”. 

This is how we talk and our subconscious mind knows what we are talking about!! We have so many natural assumptions like this anyway, so you don’t have to overthink your words anymore. 

The only thing you need to do is affirm what you want!! 

You only have to be aware of negative thoughts if it is something you don’t want to manifest, say you always say “I never have good relationships” or “I never get what I want”

As long as it’s something you want, affirm away.

You Have to Believe to Manifest 

When you start affirming something that you don’t have already, you are most likely not going to believe it. This is why we affirm, your subconscious mind will believe once you have affirmed it enough times. 

So don’t worry about whether you believe it or not, just pick an affirmation that indicates you have what you want and affirm until it HARDENS INTO FACT. 

You change within, to change without. Not the other way around. 

There are rules to follow – you create the rules

Our assumptions create, therefore you create your own rules when manifesting. If you want to manifest in 24 hours, then affirm that you do. If you only want your positive thoughts to manifest, then affirm that. 

There are no limits, you can create your own rules when manifesting!! Don’t let anyone else put limitations on you. 

It doesn’t have to take ages to change beliefs, it doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to go through a transition period. If you want, you can get whatever you want, fast and easy, if you affirm it enough. 

So think of some rules you want and affirm them, until they harden into fact. 

Remember, you are limitless and you can have what you want. 

No exceptions. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about manifesting 

I love you

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