Why Your Net Worth Does Not Determine Your Self-Worth

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How many times have you heard some “guru” tell you that the reason you have no money, is because you don’t feel worthy enough??

If you just “loved yourself enough”, you would be drowning in money!!

See the problem here is, if you’re not making that much money, you feel shit, right?

Not only are you not making 6 figures but now it’s your fault, because you don’t have enough self-worth!

For the past 3 years I have tried every trick they have told me –

Release your money blocks

Think positively about money

Love yourself more

Track all your finances

Have a money goal and write it down every day

Follow this manifesting formula

Be grateful for every penny

Do forgiveness work

Declutter my house

Buy more stuff and you will feel richer

And lastly set up a business helping people manifest money

But none of it made a difference!!


It got to a point where I was so sick of hearing the word MONEY!!

When I started my blog 3 years ago, I wanted to help people, inspire them and maybe help to change the world.

I then got sucking into this whole, “make 6 figures in 6 months” shit and everywhere I looked on the internet, everyone was saying that I just don’t “believe in myself” enough to achieve it.

Total BS!!

The reason I wasn’t making 6 figures wasn’t because of my low self-worth, it was because deep down it wasn’t a priority to me.

My priority was to inspire other women, I didn’t really want to charge £5k for a 6 months coaching program.

It felt icky to me.

It’s OK that some people charge these amounts, if it’s in alignment with them.

But here’s the thing, if you don’t want to, YOU ARE STILL WORTHY.

Self-worth is not connected to the amount of money you earn, it’s how you feel about yourself and how you value yourself.

If that means you want to work for free because it lights you up, then do it.

If you only want to charge £30 hour for your coaching, go for it.

You are still fucking worthy!!

Having a rich life does not mean having loads of cash.

There are people out there doing some of the most important jobs in the world, like nurses, who are definitely are not getting paid enough but I’m positive that they have very strong self-worth for the work they do.

So please don’t get down the next time you hear someone tell you that you’re not rich because you don’t love yourself.

It’s just a shitty marketing tool!!

It’s the lives you touch and the experiences you have that matter the most.


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