Who Says You Can’t Feel More Confident Right Now?

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It’s said that confidence grows over time and it’s something you have to practice, which is true but there is one great way to feel more confident right now!

It’s all about making better decisions.

I mean not saying yes to everyone, when you really want to say no. I mean thinking about what YOU really want when making decisions.

Putting your feelings first.

So the next decision that comes up, ask yourself “what do I truly want”?

The magical thing that happens is that you feel good about yourself because you are honouring your needs.

All too often we just go through our day doing things for everyone else, trying to please and impress everyone.

How would your life look if you tried to impress yourself instead?

If you did more things that make you feel good, not just other people?

The more you practice this, of course, the easier it will get but saying no to things that really don’t light you up is such a confidence boost.

The trick here is to lose the guilt of “letting other people down” because the truth is you’re not. What you are doing is not letting yourself down! We often do things we don’t want to do because we don’t want to upset people but all we are really doing is undermining ourselves.

A great way to feel more confident about yourself RIGHT NOW is to think about how you will be honouring what you want and need in the future. How you will be looking after yourself more by only saying yes to the things you really want to do.

When I think like this, I see myself in a different light. I see that my needs are important and I am worthy of getting those needs met. Before I started thinking like this, I always put myself last.

I would say yes to everyone and never have any time for the things I really wanted to do.

Can you think of anything you can let go of right now?

Have you said yes to something, when you really wanted to say no?

If you have then do it! Be brave and say no!

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