I’m Not Cool And I Don’t Want To Be

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Growing up I always wanted to be part of the cool gang, so most of the time I did things to fit it. I would follow the latest fashion trends, straighten my hair (cos frizzy hair was not cool back then) and do thing that weren’t necessarily me.

I’ll admit it (even though I didn’t want to back then), I followed the crowd.

But now I see that trying to be “cool” meant I wasn’t being myself. It got to a point where I didn’t even know what I truly wanted and liked anymore.

I was so used to just liking what everyone else did.

These days, I pretty much do things because I want to, not because everyone else is.

I don’t want a fancy car or to buy a house with a mortgage.

I don’t follow fashion anymore (I buy all of my clothes from charity shops) and stopped wearing makeup 8 months ago.

 And I try to only do things that I truly value.

Things that used to seem so important to me when I was younger just don’t seem to matter anymore. Like having designer brands or buying the latest gadgets.

It may sound very hippy to say but I’ve learnt that connection and experience is more important than any of that stuff.

Having my second child helped me see that.

So now I’m on a journey to discover who I truly want to be, it’s not an overnight thing.  We have some much conditioning put upon us that it’s hard to break free from it.

But that’s the fun part, seeing things from a different prospective and letting go of the need to be “cool”.

To learn that being you is enough and “cool” is all relative.

It’s impossible to be like everyone else and you end up getting lost trying. Life is a lot easier when you’re not constantly working to change who you are!

Let go of the need to fit in, be yourself, fully and stand out from the crowd!!

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