I Give Myself Permission To Rest

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In this fast paced world it can be so easy to get swept into keeping ourselves busy all the time. If we’re not busy, then we are not doing enough and we are not good enough, right?


I had a very welcome reminder of how important it is to rest when we need to.

Since having my baby 3 months ago I have resisted taking any naps in the day. I had a feeling of guilt, mixed with a feeling that I will be missing out if I nap.

So for the whole 3 months I haven’t napped AT ALL.

It all got too much when my baby started teething and for 3 whole nights he was very restless and I hardly slept. Day three I was like a walking zombie. I could hardly keep my eyes open, I was a mess.

My boyfriend urged me to take a nap in the morning, I resisted.

By lunch time I just had to give in, he looked after the baby and I had a nap.

About 4 hours later I woke up feeling AMAZING!!

For the first time in months I feel well rested. I didn’t feel groggy (that was one of my excuses for not napping) and I actually felt like my body had healed a little bit, I was less achy.

It made me think about why I denied myself of this rest before. It wasn’t lack of opportunities, my boyfriend is always telling me to do it, it was simply me feeling I didn’t deserve the rest.

That if I napped instead of say tidying the house, then I wasn’t good enough. I was telling myself I had to do it all.

The truth is, as time went by, the less rest I was getting the less I was doing. I was so tired that I didn’t have the energy to do much at all. But this is what we do to ourselves, we deny our needs because we believe it’s selfish, especially when we have kids to look after.

But here’s the thing, the opposite is true. We need to make sure our needs are met, in order for us to be able to be our best. This means we need to have sleep and be well rested.

So if you’re not getting the sleep you need at night, have naps when you can.

Accept help when it’s offered, ask for help when you need it.

Give yourself permission to slow down and get the rest you need.

It will do you wonders.

So what happened after my nap? I woke up, felt amazing, felt super calm with my little one, did loads of tidying, went out for a walk, did some writing and worked on my business.

I did more in that evening than I probably had for the whole of the week!!

I’ve even let my boyfriend buy a spare bed so I can have the occasional night off (for months he’s been telling me I need this!)

I’m making a promise to myself –

I promise I will accept my boyfriend’s offers to look after the baby so I can have naps when I need to.

I promise I will listen to my body more and rest when I need to.

And I promise I will stop telling myself I don’t deserve to have my needs met.

Are you getting enough rest and giving yourself permission to slow down? Let me know in the comments below if there is anything you need to give more to yourself.

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