It all started 3 years ago when I had an idea, an idea to change the world.

My daughter was growing up so fast and already I could see how the world was damaging her self-worth.

With so many media images and messages, telling us how to be, I felt a calling to help

other women change the way they feel about themselves.

Along the way I got lost, I took my business in all sorts of directions that were

not my original calling.

After getting pregnant and having a break from my business, I finally knew I had

to go back to my original idea.

So what is my goal now?

To help inspire you all to live a more authentic life, fuck what the media tells us to be.

To be ourselves fully, that includes the good and the bad sides of us!!

No more trying to be perfect all the time. Life isn’t perfect!

To release the shame around being human and feeling all human emotions, even the ugly ones.

To remove the stigma around struggle and learn to be kinder to ourselves in the hard times.

To simple be our true selves and stop worrying if we fit in or if we will be accepted by others.

Self-acceptance and authenticity is the GOAL!!